Tuesday, December 18, 2007

happy bday wee!

the infamous wee man turns 24 today! way to go little man on surviving another year - i am so proud! ok, but seriously....LOVE this little man. we are going on our 9th year as friends in 2008! who would have thought? he is hilarious and ALWAYS up for a good time. he is thoughtful and is so inviting to everyone he meets! i love his positive outlook on life and he has always taken care of me. so for your birthday wee man, i give you another year of MY friendship. thats pretty awesome right? i love you WEEEEEE!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

i missed this today...

its true. some days i really do miss my life back in nyc. it was such an exciting city and i love that i got to experience it the way i did. and...I MISS MY GIRLS.

hailey tagged me...

A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.B. Each player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves.C. At the end of the post the player then tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

1. Habit: Cuticles. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a problem with my cuticles. Always have and always will....so lets just get over it ok?!

2. Fact: I dont like to shower. Its true. I just really dont like it. It is time consuming and takes forever to get ready afterwards.

3. Fact: I LOVE to eat. I could eat just about any time of day.

4. Habit: Air-humping. It happens. Especially during awkward dance parties.

5. Fact: I LOVE BOOTY DANCING MUSIC. Probably more than I should, or should be allowed.

6. Fact: The ONLY reason I am not getting a tattoo (as previously discussed in a post) is not because everyone was so against it with their comments - it is because I confirmed tonight that John Hawley would seriously cut me off. Maybe I dont want to grow up just yet.

7. Fact: I really hate this game. So I tag NO ONE.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

ok...twist my arm - i'd take mc steamy...

some of you may remember my recent post about mc dreamy. but now....there is a new man on grey's. oh yes. it is mc steamy. all i am saying is that maybe i have a new crush. and that i am quite literally obsessed with this show right now (i am on the first disc of season 3, shannon). here is the scene that converted me to mc steamy....enough said.

Friday, December 14, 2007

my obsession....this week.

I have seriously been obsessing over the idea of getting a tattoo. I almost wish that I would have gotten one when I was 18 so I could use the excuse "I was young and stupid" - but now I am old....and really smart. ha. not to mention john hawley threatened to cut me off if i got one. good thing I am an independent adult these days...oh wait - did I move back in with my parents recently? ok, but I think one of these symbols would look really cool on the inside of my wrist. Is that so weird? I think it's hot. Opinions please? I am thinking I need something new in my life in 2008, and this could be it.
ps. all these Chinese symbols represent "dance." its kinda cheesy, but i like it. get over it. which one do you vote for? Lets number them 1 through 4 starting with the top left corner and going clockwise. thanks.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

happy 50th dr. john!

my wonderful father turns 50 today!! dont worry, i got him covered and gave him a cane for his big b-day present. i think he is actually just excited that he doesnt have to go to Nutcracker on his special day. ha!
my dad couldnt be any better than he is! he is hilarious, kind and the most selfless man i have ever met. he finds a way to point out my ridiculousness every chance he gets and i love him for that. my humor comes from my father! i have loved being back at home spending time with him and shelly, and now that they got tivo (after much badgering) i may never move out!
dad - i hope you have the BEST bday ever!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

i got my hair did.

you know you are in b-town when your hairdresser:
- has big fake boobs
- has had the same color blonde since the day you met (platinum blonde with NO roots....ever)
- has cheated on her boyfriend
- is awaiting trial for her second DUI
- dates men in the military (and they are gone all the time, so of course cheating come naturally...duh)
- cannot leave the state for some recent "circumstance"
- gets married in vegas...

- is in the yearly "Bakersfield Girls" calendar (very popular with the local firefighters)
- has been a godmother to her best friend's child since age 16
- talks about moving across the country to live with her husband, but cant because of the "circumstance" and other court related issues per DUI

hey, my hair looks real nice though and all the stories are entertaining. i really like her.

i was in the b-town newspaper today...

yes, that is me in the back left corner, trying to get some attention by flailing my hand in the air. Civic Dance Center is celebrating its 30th anniversary of The Nutcracker in collaboration with the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra, and this picture above was in the newspaper to showcase some of the former Sugar Plum Fairies and Claras over the past 30 years. ok, i am no photographer, but having us jump and angling the camera up our nostrils was probably not the best of ideas. whatever. i love that it is Nutcracker this weekend and am sooo excited to go and support all the dancers!! it makes me miss dancing...a lot. boo. if you are interested in reading the rest of the article about this 30th anniversary, i have been nice enough to include the link: http://www.bakersfield.com/138/story/303084.html

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

for those of you who dont know...

I lost my voice. It went from "man voice" on Monday to "squeaky puppy" on Tuesday. Today it is "sexy rasp" with an occasional crack.

sunset co....back on.

i went to the oc this past weekend to play and see some old friends! i was sooo happy to spend some quality time with my jill-doe-for-real-doe! her and her adorable surfing-guitar-playing husband live in a cute little apt in san clemente. i seriously fell in love with that little town! jill is always up for a good time and i admire her for so many different reasons. not only has she always been an amazing friend to me, she always has a positive outlook on everything in life. when i am with her, i know i will laugh and probably have a heart to heart all in the same hour. she truly inspires me to be my best self and i feel privileged to call her my friend! my visit with her included yogurt chicken (intended for some single, yet not eligible bachelors), pedros special burritos, singing/screaming to girl classics in the car, pazookie at bj's, serenades from man and wife couple, BEACH, bubbles, sunsets and of course.....picture taking. we had such a great time at the beach on monday i just HAD to share! we had a little photo shoot and here are some of the shots below!

thanks for a fabulous weekend jill! i am so happy we are still bff after being "old college roomies." haha...nauvoo 208 for life! dont be alarmed if i show up again next weekend and want to play again! LOVE YOU!

Monday, December 3, 2007

i want one.

ok. seriously - how freakin cute?! i mean honestly? i just keep looking at this and thinking i want a yorkie. i do. bottom line. thats what i want. most of you are probably like...um what? i thought you didnt like dogs. well, i dont...really. after being attacked by brandon ott's golden retriever in kindergarten, i was traumatized. not only that...dogs tend to smell...and lick. ewww. i really dont like being licked...by anything. but, i was visiting the wee a couple days ago and met teddy. teddy is the most loving little yorkie i have ever met. he did not smell and he didnt drool or lick (that much). i was seriously taken aback by my feelings for this creature. i mean...teddy knows tricks. like how to shake. not only that...dogs are ALWAYS there. he was just so happy to have me there visiting. he fell asleep on me. he is loyal. a dog could really be MY constant companion....for eternity. all dogs go to heaven, right? and i can dress him up and he wont complain. im getting one. not soon...but eventually.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

oh yea...and i bought this.

it tastes absolutely disgusting. the only way i can consume it is by putting the laundry detergent-like powder into a chocolate shake. whatever. ok, but seriously....this new weight control program could end one of two ways:

Lets hope my body takes to the extra calories well.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

yet again...another crush

ok, so i am a little late jumping on the "mcdreamy train," but seriously? i mean...the man is beautiful. shan, you would be happy to know that now i am finally getting into greys. i know. it took me like a year of you saying it the "best show" and blah blah blah, but really...it is. obviously i need to start with season one and work my way up to really understanding everything going on this season in full detail. i mean...i have the time for it (lets be honest). i am thinking a marathon next week.
ps. saw enchanted with pd in it. he is darling.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

a bridal shower

little cynda is gettin hitched next month, so of course we had to throw a shower! it was mostly all the mormon mothers, so it was up to me and stacie to provide the scandalous gifts. my sister-in-law stacie made all the decorations - arent they adorable?! she is quite the crafty woman. my grandma even made it to bako for the occasion. the food was fabulous and all in all i think little cynda had a good time. next....the wedding!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

so i made out...

ha! did i make you all nervous? like i was really going to blog about that. anway...ok, so i really did. with dee caspary in my dream last night. i am sure all of you are like....um who? dee caspary is a dancer/choreographer, and TOTALLY straight. we used to take master classes from him at west coast dance explosion and he has quite the reputation for hitting on anything in tights. it was so random that he would even cross my mind, as it has been like 5 years since i have even seen him. but i thought it was hysterical nonetheless. and it got me thinking about how EVERYONE totally kisses the most random people in their dreams and NEVER talks about it. is it really that "ta bu?" i really dont think so, but maybe it is really just me (obviously since i am dedicating a blog post to it). anyway, i dare each of you to comment with the most random and ridiculous person you have ever made-out with in your dreams!

p.s. here is a link to dee teaching combos at a dance studio in la. how crazy that a straight man could move like this!


Saturday, November 17, 2007

am i at my 5 year reunion?

so maybe i was dreading going to my friend's wedding just a little bit. i just knew what would be there - everyone that i did not want to see from high school. not that i dont like these people, its just that...well, do i really need to explain? i am sure everyone can relate in some way. anywhooo...i was totally expecting the worst and not looking forward to all the awkward convos that i would have. surprisingly...it was REALLY fun. although, shelbey always gets irritated that i act like it will be so weird and then i tend to thrive and love these events. whatever. oh - and everyone really drunk at the end, freak dancing like prom 2001 all over again, was seriously the icing on the cake.

p.s. none of the peeps in the pics above were people i was referring to as "dreading to see." obviously i wasnt going to take a big "class of 2002 reunion" shot. and isnt caitlin's dress beautiful? LOVE that girl - she was a GORGEOUS bride.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


i know. i know. i was so disappointed with her comeback performance, but i always did say that i loved the song. seriously though - love the cd. i quite literally cant get it out of my head, and couldnt be happier about it.

old school

ok, i first must tell you that my scanner sucks, so sorry for the resolution of these pics. i thought you bloggers needed an inside look back into my not so attractive past. although i still say and do awkward things daily, nothing can top the awkwardness of some of the photos that i have added below for your viewing pleasure. please enjoy.
kindergarten picture.

yes, that is me in the back left corner dressed as "lady liberty" for halloween. this was seventh grade and i was obviously very cool.

i am the bird. and my two friends, who will remain anonymous are a deer and a zebra. classic dance show costume - love it.

belive it or not, this is my senior year prom dress. classy lady.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


i was reunited with my good friend spencer tonight and it was a dream come true! it couldnt have been a better night together back in cali. we thought we would experience some culture and went to the getty museum. we were pleasantly surprised by the exhibits that we found...

when i first saw spence i joked that i hoped we would end up at the temple that night together and slow dance in the parking lot (like an actual first date my friend emily went on at byu-i - creepy). but john and shelly were doing a session and we were meeting back up with them, so ironically, we REALLY did end up at the temple that night. so, i made him slow dance with me just for kicks. awkward and i love it.

Friday, November 9, 2007

my friend doolittle.

here is my official shout out post to my friend doolittle. lets just say my life back in b-town would not be the same without this woman! this picture represents how we feel trapped in our lives - just kidding. it is actually from when she came to ny this fall. i absolutely love doo because she is so real - i truly cherish my friendship with her. most of all bc she is so strong and constantly inspires me to be my best self. i love you doo! cant wait for our partaayyy in palm springs this weekend, bia!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

anger management

Bella does this new thing where she holds her breath and squeezes her fists and it is absolutely hilarious. I filmed a little bit of it while visiting her this weekend in Vegas...

Friday, November 2, 2007

somebody to love...

ok...so most of you are probably like..."what the?" But I am having this serious obsession lately with Queen. "Somebody to Love" came on the radio tonight and I was seriously rocking out. It was embarrassing. Then when I googled pictures of them, I was even more embarrassed. And now that I ACTUALLY blogged about it is seriously embarrassing. But honestly...who doesnt love a good "Bohemian Rhapsody" every once in awhile? Mine has maybe been just a little too frequent lately.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


I am now his friend. Amongst the other 69,524 people.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

back to b-town

ok, how hilarious is this sick picture of Bako? I arrived back in B-town this week and couldnt feel better about it! I have such Bako pride, it is kind of weird. Yes, I moved back in with my parents, and yes, I love it. I wouldnt want to be anywhere else in the world than here right now. Although things are not the best they have ever been, it is amazing to know that following what I feel is undeniably right for me right now, is making me so much happier in my life. I am so lucky!!

low point.

Confession. I requested to be Brody's friend on myspace. What is my life coming to?
p.s. I will keep you updated on if he accept or rejects me. I know you are curious...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

it's official...

I am leaving NYC forever. This weekend. More updates to come obviously.

p.s. I am moving back to Cali. This weekend.

DH...i love it.

Seriously. I do. There is nothing else on TV that makes me intrigued, laugh out loud, gasp dramatically in disbelief and believe it or not, have a sappy moment, than Desperate Housewives. I have been a faithful watcher from day one (ok, so I had to make up the first two season via DVD last fall, but whatever) and LOVE each DH member for what they bring to the show - drama for yo baby's mama. I am so obsessed and hope that my street one day will carry half the excitement. Ok, not really. But I can get it through DH. It's awesome.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

typical griffin household item

So I was absolutely dying this weekend when I stayed with Ange and Bobs and found this set of silverware in the drawer. Only a Griffin would have an entire silverware set with John Deere tractors on the handles. dying. dying. Bobs...I freakin love you.

Friday, October 19, 2007

this one's for my homegirls

We had a roomie reunion in SLC this past weekend, and I am not gonna lie - it was AMAZING! All the girls of Nauvoo 208 got together to chat about the old, the new and whats to come. Needless to say we laughed, we cried and we danced! Ok, we didnt dance, but after I said that I am realizing just how weird it is that we didnt.
Anyway, being back in Utah last week really reminded me of what great and amazing friends I have. I am so lucky to have such loyal and caring people in my life. I truly cherish each one of the friends I have and know that I am who I am because of the impact they have had in my life. So, THANK YOU to all my fabulous friendies who I LOVE SOOOOOOO MUCH!! and you know who you are, even if you may not be pictured above :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

another crush...

So, maybe he is only 20, but he has the voice of an angel and the dance moves of a sexy devil! I am quite literally obsessed with High School Musical 1 and 2! I even strangely enjoy his solo song in #2, "Bet on It," where he miraculously moves from the green to the dessert in one dancing-posed jump. And how he skips with such intensity. It is so embarrassing, but I still love him! He is absolutely darling and I wish that we were in a musical together so he would sing to me. Is that weird? Please dont answer.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

and the base keeps runnin' runnin'

Ryan ran the St. George marathon last Saturday (26.2 miles)! I was so happy I could be there to watch him cross the finish line - I was soooo proud! I dont think I could ever do something like this (we all know about my athletic ability), but he never really does cease to impress me! Congrats baby!
Oh, and while reading up on this marathon business while Ryan was training, I discovered why a marathon is 26.2 miles long! It is simply the rough distance between the cities Marathon and Athens in 490BC, and a little runner man ran the distance to declare a victory to Athens, against the Persian army that tried to invade Marathon. When he got to Athens, apparently he yelled something like "We conquer," and then he fell and died right there. Rough life. That is how the length of the marathon was determined - somehow. I am glad I could enlighten you today.
p.s. There were so many old people running the marathon, it was crazy! I am talking like 70-year-old women. I thought they were going to seriously break crossing the finish line, but not my baby boo! Strong as an ox, strong as an ox.

Monday, September 10, 2007

maybe she shouldnt have "Gimme More"d.

Oh Brit. I had such high hopes for her to open the VMAs tonight. I mean, no one is bigger believer in Brit than I, and I thought for sure she was going to have a sweet comeback tonight. Bless her. It was painfully embarrassing to watch her awkward hip gyrations and zoned out drugged face do sub-par choreography and lip sync her way through one of the worst performances I have ever seen. I posted this picture to remind us all of better days. They days where Brit ruled the world. I miss those days. Her single is awesome, but maybe she needs a vaca before trying to take back her Pop Princess title.