Wednesday, February 27, 2008

maybe he didnt like your hat.

so...shelly and i venture to b-town's valley plaza mall tonight to acquire some essentials. on the way out, there were some high school boys hanging around the front doors. they began making comments and whistling (yes, i am happy to know that i can turn a 16 year olds head...i mean, i look 12 so it is perfect right?). i of course do not acknowledge and shelly and i go on our merry way. i instantly felt something wet on my bare foot (i was wearing my rainbows) and assumed i stepped in a puddle. i walked a few more feet to look down and see a huge lugie intertwined in my toes and flip-flop. are you freaking kidding me? ONE OF THESE LOSER HIGH SCHOOL BOYS SPIT ON ME!!! I was outraged. what a disrespectful prick. just bc i dont look at you after you cat-call at me? i hate men. they are awful creatures (i of course do not include my father in this grouping), but after the last couple days i am wanting to become a lesbian. we get to the car and shelly is giving me napkins and purell to wipe down the disease ridden boy's saliva and i almost puke. i turned to my mother and asked her, "who does that?!! why would he do that?!! why would he spit on me??" to this she responded, "maybe he didnt like your hat."

i am in love w/ a 16 year old.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


i decided i wanted to "distress" a headboard for my new room in HB (moving in this weekend). i wanted it to be black, but antiqued looking. then i would accent with cute, ornate and colorful pillows with my ivory colored down comforter. adventure started at Lowes (the hardware store). so....i have NEVER been to Lowes before, so as you can imagine, i was a bit intimidated. i found the paint section where i began to ask the lady worker what i needed to do to "distress" my headboard. this headboard has been previously white washed with some sort of poly finish (i knew that). she proceeded to tell me what i needed, the grade of sandpaper to use, the finish of paint, how to paint it....and blah blah blah. i started to feel overwhelmed, so i began taking notes on a small piece of paper from my purse. i thanked the kind lady and started wandering up and down the paint aisles. there was like no colored paint. i didnt realize you have to ask the "paint person" to mix you paint. so, i went back and asked her to give me whatever she had been describing (for the past 15 mintues). after i received my paint, i headed over to get my sand paper. who knew that there would be sooo many to choose from? i found myself feeling the sand paper to decide on which one to get (like i am skilled in that area). then i proceeded to check out. it was a self-checkout, but my checkout station stopped me after scanning my first item. a mid-thirties female employee approached me and asked to see ID. she said she had noticed me purchasing some items that i needed to be over 18 for and that i looked like i was 12. not kidding. she said i looked 12 years old - out of nowhere. i showed her my ID and then she said, "wow - you do NOT look your age." and i responded, "really? 12 though?" she told me she works at a junior high school during the day and i look just about the age of the other girls there, and they are 12. hmmm.....what a boost to the self-esteem. so, i left, paint in hand but head hung low.

now here is the fun part! the stripping - no, not that kind you sickos.

john hawley showed me the ropes. i was a little nervous at first...

but then got hard core. shelly was making random appearances to confirm i wasnt ruining her garage with dust or sanding down her car. she also kept telling me to put a mask on. we live in bakersfield. we breath worse crap every day.

then it came time to "distress"!! this was the fun part. sar - i feel like you would be proud.

TADA!! this is the end result. i swear it really is black, although it looks more brown in this pic. i LOVE it. it looks absolutely perfect and is going to go great in my new room in HB!

this is kobe's shot. this one's his, that one's his....

i went to the Lakers vs. Clippers game this past weekend, and i am not gonna lie - i was fully entertained. i got to see kobe up close and personal (great seats) where i was then told he was a rapist. really? thanks for ruining my dreams, jeremy. i thought that girl just made it up. whatever. he was still cute. the dancers kept changing outfits - yes, of course i noticed the dancers. but i really wish it was the lakers that were hosting bc i wanted to see the laker girls perform. is it weird that i kind of want to try out to be one? and...i love that they get to wear scantly clad outfits. why do i like that so much? always have....and probably always will...sorry john hawley.
viva lakers!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

may be the funniest thing ever.

you have to watch the WHOLE thing.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i love danny.

i want him to win AI this season. i think he is so weirdly darling - i love him. i will be voting.

Monday, February 18, 2008

only b-town.

this is for real. i was behind this truck last week on rosedale hwy and had to share. where am i? seriously.


usually i hate this holiday, but darling r-o-b was my valentine this year and turned that all around! there is nothing crazier than a weekend in vegas, so it was only natural that we celebrated in the city that never sleeps. rob is such a good friend to me and knows me so well that i seriously scored with the gift exchange. he got me such cool stuff, i dont want to blog brag, but here are some of my fav gifts that i recieved from my valentine....

and yes!! he got tickets to chelsea lately in LA. LOVE HER. she is my favorite comedian right now. anyway...thanks for the awesome v-day rob! it will be a tough one to top next year....

my womb is calling...

so, i am probably like a year late on this, but i am obsessed w/ natasha bedingfield's song "i wanna have your babies." and the video is so random, but cute. I LOVE IT. it wouldnt let me post it to my blog, so click on the link below to hear/view it!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

erin and mir.

it all began 5 years ago...
there was a big one....and a little one,
who lived in idaho and were a little white trash.

they were active and liked to play tennis....and became very close.

on behalf of asi and i, we would like to wish you a happy happy belated bday, mir!! i freakin love your face (as you know) and miss you every day!! thanks for being my "other half" and beeeing yourself. you are hotter than the desert on a summer day and i know we will be friends forever and ever!! BFF. I LOVE YOU.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

so false.

my bf could never be gay...could he?

this is what i feel like.

and my head cant hold all this info. boo. i hate math the most. ewww.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

anger in healing. its a good thing.

i LOVE taylor swift and am seriously obsessed with this song right now.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

hi. my name is erin, and i am an addict.

so, anyone who knows me, knows that i am pretty much obsessed with facebook. that might even be an understatement. i thought it was only fair to the site that has changed my relatively boring life into an ever exciting news and gossip filled adventure, to officially make a post. i think it is amazing that a social network could be so large and so socially accepted that you quite literally could bring it up in a dinner conversation and it is normal. or the fact that you havent seen someone in 3 years, but you know exactly what they are up to - so, when you run into them you dont even have to ask. you can simply comment on the pic you saw of them with thier family in maui over christmas and ask how it was...although you already know they unfortunately got a hand-mark burn from not rubbing in thier sun block thouroughly from viewing the rest of the album. what is starting to creep me out even more is that you can actually be "facebook friends" with someone before you actually meet them in person, so you already know about them. i mean...depending on one's privacy settings, it is a pretty uninhibited site - makes it great for stalking. what a dream. thank you facebook.

wedding of a best friend

maeve looked absolutely beautiful on her big day! her dress was darling and she was sooo happy! couldnt adore her more...

all the girls showing our support. i love these weddings bc it doubles for roomie reunions! and mrs. chris baughman! congrats you guys!!

bridal shower. we of course got her the scandalous gifts, and maybe made her try them on for us. love it.

it was such a fabulous weekend!! i couldnt be happier for maeve and chris, and i KNOW they are both sooo happy - this was long time coming! maeve - expect to see me in DC soon. very very soon!! I LOVE YOU!!!