Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

YOU are gonna love this.

sooo....maybe i auditioned for the hb stake play :-)

steph - i know you are loving this. totally like the joseph and the amazing colored coat days. it is pretty much like a road show with the title "Curtain Up". it is a collaboration of broadway musical pieces and pop songs. and i am a rockette (amongst other dance numbers) and we SING too! some of the other numbers i am in are from les miserbles and mamma mia. i am already 3 weeks into rehearsals and it is really fun so far. and real cheesy. sadly, we will not be wearing briefs, fishnets and santa hats as rockettes (modesty...whatever). but i am sooo excited to be doing some type of dancing and theater! i mean...i am a thespian. the shows are the 1st and 2nd weekends of november. let me know if you want tickets :-)

we doth have fun.