Wednesday, August 25, 2010

mormon bachelorette

yo peeps. you have a single awesome male friend? send him this link! aubrey messick is one of my dearest friends. any man to end up with her sure would be lucky!

check it out:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

best surprise.

warren g is my bff. he also is the most selfless person i know. a couple weekends ago he had his second step of boards (aka a 9 hour test to determine the rest of our lives). i was trying to be a supportive wife and have the house cleaned with dinner waiting when he got home. but, as soon as he got out of his test he called me and told me to be ready to run out the door when he arrived. i didnt know what was going on, but i put dinner in the fridge, frantically put my make up on and we were out the door in 2.5 seconds after he arrived home.

he told me we were meeting some of his classmates in LA for a dead perez concert at 8. but he was unusually stressed about getting there in time. about halfway to LA i asked him if that is where we were really going and he just kinda smiled and handed me an envelope. inside were two tickets to this:

it was playing at the pantages theater and i had been talking for WEEKS how i wanted to see it! i seriously almost starting crying. a. bc i was so excited. b. bc he surprised me with something that he knows i LOVE. c. bc his gesture was just so kind and selfless. here he had had undoubtedly a stressful day with his test and wanted that night to be good for ME.

i couldnt be luckier.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

remember when...

i posted this??

well....the tables have turned. instead of a "weight gain" program, i am now on a "work out" program. what a novel idea right?

together with my friend (and now personal trainer) austin - we coordinated a beach work out class for ladies. it is perfect because i am at least looking over the tranquil ocean while wanting to throw-up.

but is amazing how much better i feel just after 4 weeks of this:

so much in fact, i am now blogging about it to tell all you local bloggers about it! come!! every Tuesday night 6-7pm (meet at 17th and pch). message me for the unbelievably cheap pricing (ahem...$25 for 4 sessions!)

how life has changed. but i sure am loving it :-)