Wednesday, December 5, 2007

sunset co....back on.

i went to the oc this past weekend to play and see some old friends! i was sooo happy to spend some quality time with my jill-doe-for-real-doe! her and her adorable surfing-guitar-playing husband live in a cute little apt in san clemente. i seriously fell in love with that little town! jill is always up for a good time and i admire her for so many different reasons. not only has she always been an amazing friend to me, she always has a positive outlook on everything in life. when i am with her, i know i will laugh and probably have a heart to heart all in the same hour. she truly inspires me to be my best self and i feel privileged to call her my friend! my visit with her included yogurt chicken (intended for some single, yet not eligible bachelors), pedros special burritos, singing/screaming to girl classics in the car, pazookie at bj's, serenades from man and wife couple, BEACH, bubbles, sunsets and of course.....picture taking. we had such a great time at the beach on monday i just HAD to share! we had a little photo shoot and here are some of the shots below!

thanks for a fabulous weekend jill! i am so happy we are still bff after being "old college roomies." haha...nauvoo 208 for life! dont be alarmed if i show up again next weekend and want to play again! LOVE YOU!