Saturday, May 29, 2010

what happens when...

you combine this:

and this:


Sunday, May 23, 2010

as of late...

apparently i have not been updating my blog with the things w and i have been doing lately (brought to my attention by the newly prego kate hawkley on saturday). so here you have it. oh - and how sad is it that these are literally the only three pics i have taken of us together since we have been married...

this was at the point in corona del mar. we picked up some cafe rio (yes there is one here now) and had a sunset picnic and walked around the ridiculous houses that i wished i lived in. must be nice.

angel stadium - holler! everyone in orange county has such angel pride - i like it. this has been my second game of the season so far. we had fantastic seats thanks to coventry court. no balls caught yet.

and here we are with lisa and wee man at the magic castle in hollywood. it is a private club for magicians, in which you must be a member or receive a guest pass from a member to enter. how did i obtain this you ask? baller status. anyway - the night is literally at a castle and watching a variety of magic shows (while everyone gets wasted) and a super (expensive) nice dinner. quite the experience. especially watching the fellow magicians interact. but i am glad those weird boys wearing capes and ponytails in 7th grade found their niche years later here at the castle. good for them. cheerio.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

melt your popsicle?

does she? i mean really. i was a little disappointed with Maxim's Hot 100 list (yes, i know i am like 2 weeks late with these thoughts, but am still having them nonetheless). but then ms. katy and snoop d-o-double-g put out this. and with "bikini on top" i have a new found "like" for her. check it out (if you havent heard it already on kiss every 7 minutes), i cant seem to get it out of my head. oh - and might i just add that i have a love for snoop comparable to luda. just sayin...