Monday, December 3, 2007

i want one.

ok. seriously - how freakin cute?! i mean honestly? i just keep looking at this and thinking i want a yorkie. i do. bottom line. thats what i want. most of you are probably what? i thought you didnt like dogs. well, i dont...really. after being attacked by brandon ott's golden retriever in kindergarten, i was traumatized. not only that...dogs tend to smell...and lick. ewww. i really dont like being anything. but, i was visiting the wee a couple days ago and met teddy. teddy is the most loving little yorkie i have ever met. he did not smell and he didnt drool or lick (that much). i was seriously taken aback by my feelings for this creature. i mean...teddy knows tricks. like how to shake. not only that...dogs are ALWAYS there. he was just so happy to have me there visiting. he fell asleep on me. he is loyal. a dog could really be MY constant companion....for eternity. all dogs go to heaven, right? and i can dress him up and he wont complain. im getting one. not soon...but eventually.