Sunday, March 30, 2008

thanks brit.

so i went to my call back for antm and maybe i was like the shortest one there. seriously, it was crazy being around all people who were taller than me. all the girls were like 6 foot....and gorgeous!! they had flown in from all over the country. not only that, but everyone had some saga story about being raised by two lesbians, raped as a child, been homeless since age 15 and hadnt talked to their alcoholic father for over 12 years. it got to me and i thought.....hmmmm...shelly hawley made me cookies every day - that is weird, right? attention grabbing?? ok, i didnt use that, but i did make the first cut, (which was a 30 second interview and a cat walk). for the second round we were asked to be in our bathing suits and heels for another cat walk, but were required to say three adjectives about ourself before we began our walk (which was in front of all of the other competitors). i knew i wanted it to accurately portray me, but rhyming was a necessity. i chose the following three words: 1. enthusiastic. 2. sarcastic. 3......

yes. i used the word, "bombastic." and maybe i did a ghetto black girl head maneuver along with it. and i know what you are thinking - she would. well, yes i would...and i did. you may recognize the word from the ever popular song "bombastic love" by britney spears. i thought that brit had just made it up! but i soon discovered its true meaning: ostentatiously lofty in style. YES!! so, thanks brit. you made my cat walk start with a bang! hopefully memorable enough for tyra!! fyi - we wont hear back until early may about dont ask.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

i am in love.

so john and shelly got me a new blackberry for my bday (dont worry - you didnt miss was an early present) and i am absolutely obsessed with it! i can check my email and fb all in one mobile device. everyone knows that i am such an "email whore" so i love that i can be emailing people all day long and dont have to be sitting right at my computer. i just have to figure out g-chat on it now and i wish i could youtube, but i guess you cant have it all right? although....i am going to go back and exchange the red to silver. i just feel like the red phone looks either: a) masculine. b) slutty. both which i do NOT want to be. but anywhoo....text me, email me, facebook me....i can totally get back to you super super fast!!! yahooo - thanks parents!

Monday, March 24, 2008

i cried the whole episode.

so i happened upon last night's episode of the big give on our tivo today. and i literally cried the entire episode it makes me so happy inside! i dont think i would be as creative as the peeps on there - it is really cool. you guys totally have to check it out. oprah is a genius and i love her. although it is kind of weird how it is a competition. why not just have everyone give and have a party with it? whatever. watch it sunday nights on abc. ps - heard a random fact at church yesterday that you all will enjoy: on average women say 50,000 words a day. men say 25,000. haha - i love it. although i think i may bring up the average a little bit for the women. or i may even be the outlier....

Sunday, March 23, 2008


HAPPY B-DAY SIS! if i was in ida-hoe, i would totally mix you a magarita (virgin of course). 21 is gonna be a great year - i can feel it! i hope you have the BEST day ever and I LOVE YOU!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

prepare to be obsessed:

simon introduced her on oprah this week! her cd doesnt hit stores until april 8th, but she has a single out right now. he says that she has the best voice he has discovered in over a decade and they are comparing her to celine, whitney and mariah!! she won the britan version of american idol - check her out!!!

move over tyra.

so, jill and i had a little photo shoot this week...and let me tell you - SO FUN!! we both were soo giddy the whole time and kept saying that we could definitely do this for our day jobs. we headed down to laguna beach for our photo op (i needed more photos for my call back and jill won a nice new camera from a photo contest, so it was a win win). there were a lot of peeps at the beach that day, but jill and i had to get it done. so maybe some people stopped and stared, but we had fun with it. anyway....our day was full of adventure - and we ended up taking over 500 pics. one adventure included a man in a yellow speedo (pictured below). the beef cake was OUT OF CONTROL. we were dying laughing and were trying to get him in some shots. he totally caught us snapping pics of him, so we decided to move down the beach a little bit. on our walk down, i heard something behind me and then felt someone slap/grab my butt! i turned around to see a blonde 12-year old boy running away. what is my luck, seriously? out of NO WHERE...we see yellow speedo man run and tackle this random kid who had just totally copped a feel. me and jill were dying laughing at this point bc of the awkwardness of it all. we continued our walk down the beach in complete shock of what this kid had just done and even more shocked that yellow speedo man had chased him down. we didnt know if it was his father or if YSM (yellow speedo man) was his friend who had told him to come hit me bc we were taking pics of him in his sweet suit. who knew? we get around to a cove and i hear from behind us, "i'm sorry." i turn around to see the 12-year old blondie with his arms up totally shameful and looking like he is about to be arrested. he repeated, "i'm sorry," and i asked him, "dude, why did you do that?" and he replied, "my friends told me to." typical boy. they are all the same. so jill and i tell him its ok, but he should learn to respect women and blah blah blah. a few minutes after that - random yellow speedo man came around the corner to check up on us and to confirm that the little perv boy had apologized. he didnt even know the kid. which made it EVEN more awesome that he tackled him. and EVEN more awesomer that he was in his yellow speedo during ALL of it. check out YSM in all his glory along with some of the glamour shots below...

yellow speedo man. mmm....

sar, remember the photo booth from....i think it was cycle 8?

jill LOVES this one...

thanks again jill!! you were like the best photog EVER and if tyra lets me pick one as a guest for the are number one!! LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

dead to me.

why is everything in my life broken? first went my new camera that i got for christmas...and today - my cell phone busted. boo. so, if you need to reach me - please email:

bday boo

shan is a quarter of a century today and i love her. and yes, i tried to find the most random/awkward pics of us. i is only appropriate for our friendship. i consider shan one of my dearest and most loyal shan - have the BEST day ever! it was so fab to dance w/ you at ellen, although i did (and still do) may want to punch you in the face for not agreeing w/ me post show. but lets agree to disagree? bff. i love you.

Friday, March 14, 2008

watch ellen on monday.

me and some of my gf's took a trip to burbank yesterday to watch a taping of the ellen show. needless to say, we were spotted right away by producers and were put in primo seats to dance with ellen - tv time for sure!! watch our moments of fame on monday!! john and shelly - tivo it! and ellen gave us all a special treat.....
the new ipod nano!!! along with $50 to itunes. talk about a lucky day! and maybe i emailed ellen after the show, but thats a whole other story...girls - i will give you the verdict...and it will be mine.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


rob and i spent the weekend in san diego w/ tordawg!!! my stupid camera ran out of batteries so i only have a couple pics (they will be posted later) but we did have a friend take this one at the gonzaga vs. usd game. it was like a big tournament or something. rob was freakin out about it. was fun, and yes, i am wearing a gonzaga shirt. go zags!

Monday, March 10, 2008

you wanna be on top?

as some of you may know, i sent in an audition tape for antm cycle 11 a couple weeks ago. today....i received a call back! whoo hooo!! i have a couple weeks to prepare and the lady on the phone made sure to emphasize that i practice my posing and walking. ha! they are really specific on what you wear to the call back as well. NO: dresses, baggy clothing, tanks that cover your hips, and the colors gray, white or bright pink. MUST: 3inch heels, natural make-up, conservative jewelry, and a bathing suit under your street clothes. i am sure i will be standing in line with thousands of other hopefuls. this is gonna be awesome....

tyra - i heart you.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

love this.

this is all i have been listening to for the past three days while moving in. TOTALLY would recommend it! her voice is absolutely beautiful. download "between the lines." ps - i layed out today....for 3 hours. jealous? ya, thats what i thought.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

hello. and welcome to my home. meet my cat snow.

john and shelly helped me move into 506 14th street, huntington beach yesterday! yahoo! i have such a great feeling about being here and getting a fresh start w/ life. it was seriously such a blessing yesterday bc as we were looking at the last couple loads in the uhaul, i thought, "how the freak are we gonna get this dresser/matress/bedframes up the stairs??" just then....the elders were walking by. seriously life savers. they offered to help and i joked w/ them saying that wouldnt it be cooler if i was a non-member? bc they seriously could have converted me w/ their kindness. or atleast scored a first discussion. my stuff is pretty strewn about the house, as i was kind of moving in ontop of another girl, so i will post pics of the inside later (once it is clean). i LOVE being here. i went down to the beach last night after the move and watched the sunset. mmmmm......its good to be home.

this is the outside of my house (obviously). there are 6 girls total (soon to be 5). it looks kinda small from the front, but it is really deep. it has high ceilings w/ 4 bedrooms and a cute little patio out front! bbq's!

here are some of our neighbors! cute huh? it is kind of overcast today, so sorry that you cant get the whole affect of HOW beautiful this all REALLY is.

another neighbor.

this is looking down our street towards the beach. we are 4 blocks away! visitors are ALWAYS welcome.

i deep-cleaned the kitchen last night, so i felt ok about posting a pic. it took me like 4.5 hours. and i was high from the bleach (not complaining about that though). and maybe darling rob sent me those flowers to welcome me to my new place. couldnt be cuter.