Friday, July 25, 2008

party house.

we decided to really amp up our house these days...and lisa and i are becoming quite obsessed with it. infact, we are thinking that we should just get married since we are investing on these joint ventures together. and i really like her, so it would probably work out just fine. we still have MANY other things that are on our wishlists, but this is a start (well...what has taken place in the past two weeks...hahaha). who wants to come visit? this is what 506 14th street has to addition to fly young hotties.....
tournaments, couple games (perfect for those double dates :) and around the world. i am obsessed.

the jacuzzi of love. so...maybe ours doesnt look QUITE this nice, but it is the newest addition to our party house. we LOVE it.

this has a fire pit in the center of the table. we can roast marshmellows right in our own front yard!!!

who doesnt love a good rockband?? i think i may just NEVER leave. hb = heaven on earth!!! lisa - lets never seperate.

Monday, July 21, 2008



real. fake.

warren sent me this cool little test the other day. see if you can differentiate peoples' real from fake smiles. i got 17 out of 20!! it is pretty cool...

Sunday, July 6, 2008


so, the fourth of july in hb was absolutely amazing. it was party after party, and bbq, and beach and NEVER ending dancing. i am still crossing my fingers that our neighbors will not hate us after the party we threw on friday. anyway....with this day comes lots of people and lots of mormons. its as if we just traveled in a massive herd all day to all the different locations for the holiday festivities. lots of people equals lots of cameras, and lots of cameras means lots of pictures. you could be caught doing something embarrassing at ANY moment. not that this ever happens to me....oh wait.....
happy fourth everyone.