Monday, March 30, 2009

when wee man went to vegas....

i watched teddy for him, and this is what happened. i am in love.

Friday, March 27, 2009


i got a new phone - long story. in short....i dont have your number. so please text, call or email me with YOUR number if you ever want to hear my sweet voice again. ilyal.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

she was on our flight....

from long beach to slc last weekend. i spotted her trying to hide under her billowing hat, and when i pointed her out to warren and said, "omg - thats kathryn heigl!" he said, "who?" typical. no - i didnt talk to her, but i thought of a ton of conversation starters. i didnt execute any of them. boo. she looks real nice in real life though. pretty skin. was with her mom. she was a cute lady. thats all.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

hidden treasure.

download her cd. i feel a new fav of mine coming on. saw one of her songs on the city earlier this week, then downloaded the WHOLE thing. :-)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

jason sucks.

Jason. Words cannot describe how SICK I feel right now. I have wanted to throw up ever since the “after the rose ceremony” episode aired. Jason is the most disgusting person…..ever. He is selfish, narcissistic and demented. Of course NONE of his relationships have EVER panned out – it’s bc he self-sabotages them. I don’t think he is capable of being faithful to ONE person, and I don’t feel as though he has any sense of commitment or regard to anyone else, but himself. And his excuse of “I need to follow my heart” is the same crap cheating husbands give their wives. He would have gone back on his decision even if he had picked Molly at the final rose bc HE HAS ISSUES. And the fact he thinks he can do whatever he wants, break up with whoever he wants, get back together with whomever he wants is just the most pig-headed thing I have ever seen. And breaking up with Melissa ON the show? Real classy jack-A. Not to mention he has sex with all these women in the same week. He absolutely disgusts me.

Molly. She is an idiot. First off, she is manipulative and has weird emotional (or lack there of) issues of her own. She totally planted all these thoughts in Jason to make him question his decision and then acted aloof to continue in her scheme to make him see that he was making a wrong choice. She is obnoxious and obviously has NO self-respect after taking a man back who broke her heart on national television by telling her he “was in love with someone else”, had a relationship for MONTHS with the other woman and then broke up with her 5 mins before seeing Molly and now wants a relationship? What woman in her right mind would trust a man like this?? Or think he is honorable, honest and even deserving of any type of human relationship. It is sad. Oh – and her eyes are CRAZY looking.

Melissa. I love you. And loved when you called him a bastard under your breath. Good for you. You deserve someone who is ATLEAST capable of acting like a human being.

Monday, March 2, 2009

maybe this is why i got mystic tan....

welcome to the 3rd annual HB celeb look-alike party!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

i did this.

and it was kind of scary - and i may smell a little bit like crackers. it is really startling when the mystic tan first shoots out at you. i mean...the girl working there warns you that will happen, but you just dont really know what to expect. LOVE my fake tan though. looks real nice (well, a little splotchy on my hands and feet, but you cant have it all when you pay twenty bucks, right?). would i do it again? in a heartbeat.