Friday, October 19, 2007

this one's for my homegirls

We had a roomie reunion in SLC this past weekend, and I am not gonna lie - it was AMAZING! All the girls of Nauvoo 208 got together to chat about the old, the new and whats to come. Needless to say we laughed, we cried and we danced! Ok, we didnt dance, but after I said that I am realizing just how weird it is that we didnt.
Anyway, being back in Utah last week really reminded me of what great and amazing friends I have. I am so lucky to have such loyal and caring people in my life. I truly cherish each one of the friends I have and know that I am who I am because of the impact they have had in my life. So, THANK YOU to all my fabulous friendies who I LOVE SOOOOOOO MUCH!! and you know who you are, even if you may not be pictured above :)