Monday, May 23, 2011

and i thought a marathon was long...

andy on the trail near the beginning (maybe 13 miles in). i believe this is on the way up to angel's landing. too steep to run.

warren did a 50 mile run through zion national park this weekend. who is this man? i love his passion for adventure (when i am not worrying if he is still alive). check jason or andy's blog for more pics and videos.

kevin - showing off the tools of the trade

warren bouldering in the buttermilks. the only pic is of a problem he didn't send...

tyler getting after it in the "happys"

he also went climbing with his "in-between places" friend, kevin, who he met at the beach last year. they have created quite the friendship over the past 10 months. apparently it is common for these hard-core climbers to "chase the weather" to find good climbing, which led them up to bishop, ca. warren climbed and camped (slept on a pad by his car) with his friend for a couple days before driving through the night to do his 50 miler in utah w/ his bff, jason and his brother andy.

glad he is home. and safe. and is not homeless.

3 days until...

Thursday, May 19, 2011


warren and his good friend nephi ran the palos verdes marathon last weekend. as i was the BEST cheerleader on the curb i thought, "next time i should at least do the 5k or something", as i ate snacks and read my instyle. oh well. warren decided to do the race about a week beforehand and did not train. at all. in fact, he hasnt run over 6 miles at a time in about 2 years, but that doest stop a man with a dream. i dont know if he will do it again (kind of one of those things to cross off the bucket list), but if you know warren's running abilities, he really didnt disappoint (especially without training). he still placed third in his division!! maybe he couldnt walk at the end of it all and was a little delirious, but he finished that thing! i was sooo proud :-)

before the big race

maybe stole this off the photogs website from the event

a booty shot

after crossing that finish line!!


Sunday, May 15, 2011


i know, i know. you all want thailand pics. they are coming! we took over 1,000 pics and are thinking of making a video instead of posting the longest post in the history of this blog.

so for now, here are a few pics that i can handle uploading without getting anxiety. we went sailing the other day with some of warren's classmates (also off from school right now). we are pretty much living it up until d-day (aka residency begins june 23rd).