Sunday, December 21, 2008


i know i am like FOREVER late on hearing about this, but it is probably the funniest thing i have seen this year. a fake blog called "seriously so blessed." it is a girl who pretty much just mocks all the mormon blogs. it is HILARIOUS. check it out - if you havent already.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

powder puff.

i coached the boys cheerleading at our ward's powder puff game this year. you will especially appreciate the third section of the routine. i was sooo proud of them!! and yes, they are wearing wet suits, and yes that is warren's little butt right in front.

Monday, December 1, 2008

cant stop listening to this song.

ok. so i seem to be obsessed with beyonce lately. it probably helped to see her on both oprah and ellen in the past week (yes, i tivo both of them). a girl i work with burned me the cd last week, and i am obsessed with all her ballads on the first half of her album, but the song "halo" in particular. listen to it!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

watch out beyonce!

all the single ladies? and you can definitely see why...can i join the group?

Monday, November 17, 2008


here is the link of the video doesnt work:

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

larisa's bday adventure!

the girls went to vegas this past weekend to celebrate none other than one of our besties birthdays - larisa!! we went to club rain at the palms on friday and tao at the venetian and rum jungle at mandalay bay on saturday. i LOVE dancing with my girls. all in all - it was a GREAT weekend! happy 26th laris!!! I LOVE YOU, boo!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i was trying to rearrange my closet a little bit last night (after my shopping this weekend in vegas :) and noticed i kept pulling out black dress after black dress! i mean - how many do i REALLY need? but the fact is...i do. i NEED every single one. bc although some may say "a little black dress" is so simple and the perfect staple in ones' closet, every little black dress is for something different. the same "little black dress" simply cannot be worn for every black tie occasion. each one represents a mood, or an attitude - and i love it. so what was the final count, you ask? 17. john hawley - please dont kill me.

Monday, November 10, 2008

maeve's bday.

i love maeve millard baughman. i just do. and i hope that she can forgive me for calling/texting her on her last two birthdays and not saying "happy birthday, maeve." for some reason, i always am thinking of her on her special day, but my brain makes a disconnect of the day (although i remember and recognize it the day before and after). anyhow - happy birthday maeve!! she is one of my best friends and she has always been there for me! she was there in a drop of a hat in nyc, and she has always known exactly what to say to make me feel better about life! she is so loyal and always has the best advice. i hope you had the best day ever, maevey!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

my attempt to be friends with the upper east siders.

my obsession with gossip girl thrives for many reasons. but one of the main reasons i cant stop watching season one is because of the fashion. and i am now obsessed with colored tights.

so obsessed in fact, that i bought 5 pair of colored tights while in nyc. when purchasing these items, lisa was supportive, but DID say..."you would buy bright orange and teal tights. but i dont doubt you wont find a way to wear them." so i did. here have been a couple attempts so far this week.

and yes, that is me carving a pumpking. that needs to be another post all in its own. anyway, i am sure this will be one of those fashion trends that i will just cringe at in years to come, but for right now....I LOVE IT.

Monday, October 27, 2008


ok - when i first heard beyonce's new song...i was totally weirded out. what the was she even talking about?? but then today on my commute home i heard it again. twice. and ended up loving it. and then i came home to find myself watching the video. twice. so maybe a little bit of my bitter side emerged today, and that is why it clicked. or maybe its just a really catchy tune. regardless, give it a chance....if i were a boy.



it is obviously my new fav movie of ALL time. and maybe i flew to utah to see it with people who really appreciate it. needless to say i LOVED every second of it!! will probably see it in the theater again this week.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

newest crush.

and i love him. maybe i like him so much bc he looks a little bit like zaz efron...but his name is chace crawford (which i am sure you all know his name anyway). just in case you didnt, now you do and you can google image him and stare at pics all day...not that i have been doing that or anything. i am also now obsessed with gossip girl (i bought season 1 over the weekend). AMAZING!! its like the oc, but better.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

i support prop 8.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

i am going back....

next weekend. my roommate lisa and i have been obsessing over it for a couple weeks now and on friday...we bought our tickets. i havent been back since i left last october. to be was not on my "must go-to-vaca-spots" after i left, and i thought i would NEVER venture back to the city. i definitely left with an awful taste in my mouth. but now i am in a brand new chapter in my life, able to put the last few years up on a shelf and leave it there. i am now ready to go back to the place where i once thought i couldnt get away from fast enough. i think it will be cleansing experience now that i am ready to face the city again. i no longer feel defeated by it, but rather feel like it will cleanse me. my life has changed tremendously in the past year - all for the better. i am so grateful for the people in my life now, for all the friends and family that have helped me on my journey back to ME. nyc - here i come....and couldnt be more excited. :)

Friday, September 26, 2008


so...i go back to bebe on monday and see that my "striperella" shoes are now on sale for 50% off!! me, being the former express sales associate, think that perhaps bebe has a price adjustment policy like express does (10 days with receipt). so....i ask the manager and she says they normally cannot do that, but if i brought my receipt in the next day (she was working from 8-5) that she would do it for me. i am out at a luncheon the next day with my cool boss....and tell him about it, so of course him being so cool tells me that we can stop by. so i walk in and find brandi (the manager from the previous day) and she begins the transaction. she stops and looks nervous. and i can tell she has something she wants to say, but fears i may just want to punch her in the face. she then informs me that the shoes are NOT infact 50%. it was only the bottom shelf. WHAT??!!! i had shown her the shoes the day before and she was cool with it!! i of course did not get mad or anything...just obviously let down. she thought for a moment and then told me that she would go ahead and honor the discount anyway bc i had come all the way back. yeaahhhh girl!! soooo rad. bebe at main place mall has a new number one fan - ME!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i cant stop listening to this song.

i is old. and depressing. but i LOVE the emotion in her voice and how all her lyrics are dark. is that so weird? love it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

i bought these.

and i am TOTALLY obsessed with them. my boss likes to call them "striperella" shoes, but i think they are HOT and AWESOME. and pretty comfortable (believe it or not). i got them at bebe. and maybe splurged a little. side note - i am approximately 6'1" while wearing them. LOVE being a girl.

bff photo shoot - thank you mike cunningham.

Monday, September 8, 2008

sleep in.

when i first started working, our morning meeting was at 9 am. that soon changed to 8:30 and even though it was just half an hour kills me. seriously. but then, something magical happened this week!! our stand-up meeting has returned to 9 am! after 4 months of suffering, i seriously couldnt be happier. anyone who knows me, knows that i absolutely HATE waking up in the morning - it is the worst part of the day. i now bless this extra half hour - thanks boss.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

aloha and mahalo.

i spent last weekend on oahu! it was a bombastic time, considering i got to see some of my favs including hails and company, steph and company and kate and her NEW fiance!! here are a few of the highlights:

me, hails and her little guy conner! he had gotten sooo big since last time i saw him.

my flotation device. i was obsessed with it.

my ONLY purchase from the island. i told the lady at the store that this is something that a nice bf would buy their gf, but since i dont have one i was buying it for myself. :( paid off, bc she gave me 20% off. i am in love with it and feel like an engaged girl staring at it when i walk around. its annoying for people around me, i am sure.

LOVE hails and kate! they were absolute gems for letting me crash! THANKS girls!!

cute wilde family!! i had soooo much fun with them. even when we shared a queen size bed and hailey buffered.

i seriously fell in LOVE with conner while i was there and was really sad to leave him. he is the most calm, happy and loving little boy.

another cute fam on the island! it was such a sweet treat to steph, thomas and ambrose!!

ambrose was a little shy around aunt erin, must be the island. he was DARLING!!

kate's view was beautiful!!

it was soooo great to spend time with one of my besties. it was exactly what i needed. thanks for being such a great friend to me hails! I LOVE YOU!!!! hawaii rules. will have to do that again soon.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

what happened?

to the BEST show on the discovery channel?? i havent seen it for awhile, so i just checked the web site to see if there was an update or something. says that it comes on every friday at 9, but then the schedule doesnt include it. wtf?!!! if any of you havent seen this, i would highly recommend it! each episode is a reenactment of someone's survival story and includes an explanation of their physical and mental state at the time of the incident. The survivor is also interviewed like a documentary - it is awesome and the stories are INSANE!!! i want the dvd. john hawley??

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

just in case you didnt know already....

just kidding, but i am an aunt again!! sophie jane was born last week. havent met her yet, but real excited to very very soon!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

job offer

so...some of us went dancing at this club called Sachi in long beach last weekend. this club had an AMAZING dj. seriously incredible. so naturally...we were CRAZY on the dance floor. as we were leaving, a woman pulled me aside and offered me a job. a job as what?? oh - a gogo dancer of course. i didnt know whether to be flattered or offended. its not like the gogo dancers at this club were super hot. and lets be honest...its a pretty shlutty job, but someone has got to do it. needless to say i declined the offer, but i sometimes wonder if i made the right decision. i awesome would it be to wear furry knee-high boots, a scantly clad outfit and dance on a box in front of hundreds of people? most of you reading this are probably like, "what?" but for me.....DREAM JOB. knowing that john hawley would be a little disappointed, i thought it was best to stick with my day job and geriatric patients. youre welcome, dad.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

no more fb bf.

this is a reminder of better days. the days where i was in an "open relationship with mike cunningham" via facebook. an era is done. over. officially "single" on fb. tell your friends.

Friday, July 25, 2008

party house.

we decided to really amp up our house these days...and lisa and i are becoming quite obsessed with it. infact, we are thinking that we should just get married since we are investing on these joint ventures together. and i really like her, so it would probably work out just fine. we still have MANY other things that are on our wishlists, but this is a start (well...what has taken place in the past two weeks...hahaha). who wants to come visit? this is what 506 14th street has to addition to fly young hotties.....
tournaments, couple games (perfect for those double dates :) and around the world. i am obsessed.

the jacuzzi of love. so...maybe ours doesnt look QUITE this nice, but it is the newest addition to our party house. we LOVE it.

this has a fire pit in the center of the table. we can roast marshmellows right in our own front yard!!!

who doesnt love a good rockband?? i think i may just NEVER leave. hb = heaven on earth!!! lisa - lets never seperate.