Monday, August 22, 2011


still havent had time to go through thailand pics. but here is some evidence that we were actually there, maya the coast of ko phi phi.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

garage sale!!

Warren and I had our first garage sale as a family yesterday. it was great! we have been cleaning and reorganizing and decided it was time to purge. we put an add on craigslist and I updated my fb profile. We had a pretty good gathering of people at 7am - right at the start time and it stayed pretty sustained for about two hours. After that we had a steady stream of people till noon when people came less frequently and we decided it was about good for the day. It was great spending the day together, meeting some neighbors and others out and about during the morning.

things were priced to sell. biggest surprise of what didn't sell... all my shoes?! hardly anybody even looked at them. idk if it's bc they weren't the right size (several asian ladies commented on how "long" and "big" they looked).

most surprising thing that did sell... warren's footed pajamas. he didn't have them out originally but I told him they would sell. and. they did. for a whopping 50 cents. holler!

definitely well worth it. although we didnt have big ticket items we made much more than expected. baller status. we celebrated by dinner at wing stop. classy. :-)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

tor tor gets hitched

tori and joe hagg. his toast was the BEST thing i have ever heard. absolutely darling.

double mint twins reunited.

the girls

it was an amazing day in sd! tori looked beautiful and the dance party was stellar! congrats mrs. bryant!!