Tuesday, October 9, 2007

and the base keeps runnin' runnin'

Ryan ran the St. George marathon last Saturday (26.2 miles)! I was so happy I could be there to watch him cross the finish line - I was soooo proud! I dont think I could ever do something like this (we all know about my athletic ability), but he never really does cease to impress me! Congrats baby!
Oh, and while reading up on this marathon business while Ryan was training, I discovered why a marathon is 26.2 miles long! It is simply the rough distance between the cities Marathon and Athens in 490BC, and a little runner man ran the distance to declare a victory to Athens, against the Persian army that tried to invade Marathon. When he got to Athens, apparently he yelled something like "We conquer," and then he fell and died right there. Rough life. That is how the length of the marathon was determined - somehow. I am glad I could enlighten you today.
p.s. There were so many old people running the marathon, it was crazy! I am talking like 70-year-old women. I thought they were going to seriously break crossing the finish line, but not my baby boo! Strong as an ox, strong as an ox.


Stacie Hawley said...

Oh...so that is why...I was like...why didn't they just make it a flat 25 miles and call it good. Ha ha...congrats Ryan!

sarah marie. said...

he is strong as an ox. love that boy. and good job ry! he seriously looks like he hasn't even run yet.

Lisa said...

Erin... I was at the Marathon too. Not running of course, but as a spectator. Now I wish I would have known you were there in all of your fabulousness.

Anonymous said...