Saturday, April 24, 2010


sooo...this is my niece bella:

how amazing is she?! she will be 4 this may. i absolutely love this pic. and for being only 3 years old, her technique is uncanny. the moment i saw this pic earlier today it took me back. many of you may not know that i danced. and by "danced" i mean i was a dancer - ballet, contemporary and jazz. it was my WHOLE life. it was who i was. and still feel that it is who i am inside; although i may not be "practicing" these days.
i came home from work finding myself scrounging through my old chest for ANY dance pictures that i have here at our apt in hb. this is the only one i found:

when i found it warren said, "your head looks weird." and yes, it does. but how ancient does this picture look? it was before digital cameras (how crazy is that?) my senior year of high school. and me taking a picture of the picture with my sub-par digital camera probably didnt help with the quality. but anyway, i miss this.

when i am driving i listen to LOTS of different music. britney, fiona, legally blonde, christian pop, luda - you know, the essentials. and i cant help but MOVE to ALL of this music. i imagine myself dancing. and it looks pretty good in my head, but i doubt it would translate that well if i physically tried to execute my choreography. in fact, it may scare people.
will i ever dance again? i dont know. but i DO know that i would DIE to see little bella in her dance class. her arabesque looks a heck of a lot better than mine did at four...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


i got eyelash extensions. yes, this pic is really me. arent they beautiful?! they were a bday gift to myself. i loved how they looked. but at what cost is beauty? i must have sensitive eyes or something bc they drive me crazy!! i have only had them on for a week and i have started plucking them off one by one. the girl who did them is amazing and was highly recommended, so i know it has nothing to do with her! but why?? why me? why would they bother ME so much? this seems soooo up my alley right? now i just cant wait until they all fall off. anyone ever tried latisse? that may be my next attempt at luscious lashes...

Sunday, April 4, 2010