Friday, December 7, 2007

i got my hair did.

you know you are in b-town when your hairdresser:
- has big fake boobs
- has had the same color blonde since the day you met (platinum blonde with NO roots....ever)
- has cheated on her boyfriend
- is awaiting trial for her second DUI
- dates men in the military (and they are gone all the time, so of course cheating come naturally...duh)
- cannot leave the state for some recent "circumstance"
- gets married in vegas...

- is in the yearly "Bakersfield Girls" calendar (very popular with the local firefighters)
- has been a godmother to her best friend's child since age 16
- talks about moving across the country to live with her husband, but cant because of the "circumstance" and other court related issues per DUI

hey, my hair looks real nice though and all the stories are entertaining. i really like her.