Friday, May 30, 2008


i went to lake powell for memorial day weekend on a houseboat with like 35 other mormons. it was good times. full of dance parties (which included a dance off with another house boat), laying out, weird party games, checkin out the hotties on the lake and then of course....jet skiing. now, anyone who knows me, knows that i dont really like extreme things like this. the thought of hurting myself keeps me off a bicycle. so, it took a good day and a half to convince me to get on the back of one. we were riding for probably three minutes when the boys decided to have a little fun. long story short, we were t-boned and our jet ski was totaled. anywhoo....thought i broke my leg and elbow bc the pain was UNREAL!! but they got me back to the boat and our friend adam (who is an er doc up in la) took a look at me and the boys gave me a blessing. i went to the doctor the next day for x-rays and i am pretty much just bruised up with a sprained elbow. injuries blow. but i sure had fun!! check out the before and after: