Saturday, November 17, 2007

am i at my 5 year reunion?

so maybe i was dreading going to my friend's wedding just a little bit. i just knew what would be there - everyone that i did not want to see from high school. not that i dont like these people, its just that...well, do i really need to explain? i am sure everyone can relate in some way. anywhooo...i was totally expecting the worst and not looking forward to all the awkward convos that i would have. was REALLY fun. although, shelbey always gets irritated that i act like it will be so weird and then i tend to thrive and love these events. whatever. oh - and everyone really drunk at the end, freak dancing like prom 2001 all over again, was seriously the icing on the cake.

p.s. none of the peeps in the pics above were people i was referring to as "dreading to see." obviously i wasnt going to take a big "class of 2002 reunion" shot. and isnt caitlin's dress beautiful? LOVE that girl - she was a GORGEOUS bride.