Wednesday, August 19, 2009

note to self.

do not wear panties with rhinestones while receiving an x-ray.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

da crib.

so...i moved. just 2 blocks from where i used to live. and i am in LOVE w/ this new house. the landlord decided to take our old house over as a second home and stop renting. so we searched for about 1.5 months to find this beauty. it was the best change ever made. i think moving may be like having a child - stay with me here. during the sucks. its painful. its exhausting. its sleepless nights. you rely on your significant other to do heavy lifting. and you swear up and down that you will NEVER do it again. but then once youve moved in and you are settled, you forget about all the hard work and just enjoy your new love in life. are you mothers out there annoyed of my analogy yet? haha. check out the rest of da crib!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

secret obsession. no longer secret.

this show on ABC has provided many hours of entertainment for me. for those of you who have never seen it - you should. wives of two separate (seemingly exact opposite, who would have thought) switch places and play mommy/wife in another family for two weeks. the first week they abide by the home families rules, and then the next week the family must follow the new wife's rules of the house. there is ALWAYS drama. there is ALWAYS a fight. there is ALWAYS crying. and best of all they learn from eachother all in the end. ahhhhhh :-) it is hilarious and i literally laugh outloud during the duration of the episode. please see some sample families who have graced the show:

these atheist ex-mormons were my favorite:

Monday, August 3, 2009

st.pierre hitched.

my gf's from hs are the bomb. we had a blast in pebble beach for kaytie's wedding (steph - we missed you)!! so lucky to have good friends from all eras of my life. :-)