Wednesday, October 31, 2007

back to b-town

ok, how hilarious is this sick picture of Bako? I arrived back in B-town this week and couldnt feel better about it! I have such Bako pride, it is kind of weird. Yes, I moved back in with my parents, and yes, I love it. I wouldnt want to be anywhere else in the world than here right now. Although things are not the best they have ever been, it is amazing to know that following what I feel is undeniably right for me right now, is making me so much happier in my life. I am so lucky!!

low point.

Confession. I requested to be Brody's friend on myspace. What is my life coming to?
p.s. I will keep you updated on if he accept or rejects me. I know you are curious...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

it's official...

I am leaving NYC forever. This weekend. More updates to come obviously.

p.s. I am moving back to Cali. This weekend.

DH...i love it.

Seriously. I do. There is nothing else on TV that makes me intrigued, laugh out loud, gasp dramatically in disbelief and believe it or not, have a sappy moment, than Desperate Housewives. I have been a faithful watcher from day one (ok, so I had to make up the first two season via DVD last fall, but whatever) and LOVE each DH member for what they bring to the show - drama for yo baby's mama. I am so obsessed and hope that my street one day will carry half the excitement. Ok, not really. But I can get it through DH. It's awesome.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

typical griffin household item

So I was absolutely dying this weekend when I stayed with Ange and Bobs and found this set of silverware in the drawer. Only a Griffin would have an entire silverware set with John Deere tractors on the handles. dying. dying. Bobs...I freakin love you.

Friday, October 19, 2007

this one's for my homegirls

We had a roomie reunion in SLC this past weekend, and I am not gonna lie - it was AMAZING! All the girls of Nauvoo 208 got together to chat about the old, the new and whats to come. Needless to say we laughed, we cried and we danced! Ok, we didnt dance, but after I said that I am realizing just how weird it is that we didnt.
Anyway, being back in Utah last week really reminded me of what great and amazing friends I have. I am so lucky to have such loyal and caring people in my life. I truly cherish each one of the friends I have and know that I am who I am because of the impact they have had in my life. So, THANK YOU to all my fabulous friendies who I LOVE SOOOOOOO MUCH!! and you know who you are, even if you may not be pictured above :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

another crush...

So, maybe he is only 20, but he has the voice of an angel and the dance moves of a sexy devil! I am quite literally obsessed with High School Musical 1 and 2! I even strangely enjoy his solo song in #2, "Bet on It," where he miraculously moves from the green to the dessert in one dancing-posed jump. And how he skips with such intensity. It is so embarrassing, but I still love him! He is absolutely darling and I wish that we were in a musical together so he would sing to me. Is that weird? Please dont answer.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

and the base keeps runnin' runnin'

Ryan ran the St. George marathon last Saturday (26.2 miles)! I was so happy I could be there to watch him cross the finish line - I was soooo proud! I dont think I could ever do something like this (we all know about my athletic ability), but he never really does cease to impress me! Congrats baby!
Oh, and while reading up on this marathon business while Ryan was training, I discovered why a marathon is 26.2 miles long! It is simply the rough distance between the cities Marathon and Athens in 490BC, and a little runner man ran the distance to declare a victory to Athens, against the Persian army that tried to invade Marathon. When he got to Athens, apparently he yelled something like "We conquer," and then he fell and died right there. Rough life. That is how the length of the marathon was determined - somehow. I am glad I could enlighten you today.
p.s. There were so many old people running the marathon, it was crazy! I am talking like 70-year-old women. I thought they were going to seriously break crossing the finish line, but not my baby boo! Strong as an ox, strong as an ox.