Thursday, December 3, 2009


44 more days. i cant even believe how lucky i am. seriously? seriously. look how cute my future ec is.

Monday, November 30, 2009

went to lunch with this little guy today

i went to lunch with jill and dane today. he is getting sooo big, and just absolutely darling. i love having them so close. thankful for good friends.

Monday, November 23, 2009

engagement pics

thanks to the FABULOUS mike cunningham for taking our engagement photos! he is one of our very best friends and we LOVE him. check out more of our session on his BLOG.

ps. i love warren davis :-)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

beginning of forever....

it all started here last night when warren planned a romantic date for us at French 75 in laguna beach. the food was incredible...and there were chandeliers, so of course i was obsessing. i didnt really think it would happen at the restaurant, but i was hoping it was on his mind :-)

i had NO IDEA that w had driven to bakersfield the previous thursday night (he told me he was working on a group project for school) and had asked my father in person. i had NO IDEA he bought a ring this past saturday (he told me he was rock climbing). quite the trickster.

k back to dinner - it was amazing and i had filet (of course). we finished up and w asked if i we could stop one more place on the way home. i agreed (although was thinking i was soooo tired and just wanted to go home and sleep), but i didnt want to miss out on anything spectacular :-) so - he turned the car to head to top of the world park in laguna. as we pulled up i just had that feeling. i thought - this MUST be it! this HAS to be it! we had been to top of the world park MONTHS ago on another date, so it had a lot of sentimental value to both of us.

we walked over to the overlook and could see all of laguna. it was here where warren davis got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever. i could have just died then. it was absolutely perfect.

i couldnt sleep AT ALL last night. i was sooo excited to tell the world today that i am marrying the most amazing man on this earth. i couldnt be luckier. and i couldnt be happier. warren makes me a better person. he loves me unconditionally. he is the most gentle, kind-hearted, humble man i have ever met. oh - and did i mention funny? i cant wait to spend forever together. ily - w.

sooo....i know you are all dying to see pics of the ring. thanks to my bff mike cunningham for taking these for me. i am seriously obsessed. and yes, i picked it out (not w/ warren at my side), but he is a clever boy and was able to find the EXACT ring that i found a couple months ago that i had told him about in passing. isnt he just great? :-) ok - i know...sooo cheesy, but i have a right to be! i just got ENGAGED people. oh - and i bought my wedding dress back in june. surprise. warren was surprised by that fact last night too.

wedding date is TBA

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

YOU are gonna love this.

sooo....maybe i auditioned for the hb stake play :-)

steph - i know you are loving this. totally like the joseph and the amazing colored coat days. it is pretty much like a road show with the title "Curtain Up". it is a collaboration of broadway musical pieces and pop songs. and i am a rockette (amongst other dance numbers) and we SING too! some of the other numbers i am in are from les miserbles and mamma mia. i am already 3 weeks into rehearsals and it is really fun so far. and real cheesy. sadly, we will not be wearing briefs, fishnets and santa hats as rockettes (modesty...whatever). but i am sooo excited to be doing some type of dancing and theater! i mean...i am a thespian. the shows are the 1st and 2nd weekends of november. let me know if you want tickets :-)

we doth have fun.

Monday, September 28, 2009

maybe i went again.

still love her.

love this.

seriously died laughing. i dont know these guys. but i want to. oh - and i die over this song.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

maybe tyra should do a rock climbing high-fashion shoot...

i did it. i went rock climbing with warren last week. i kinda looked like this girl when i was doing it. warren is pretty much OBSESSED with rock climbing and i have been saying for months that i would try it. he was convinced that i would be "good" at it bc of my background in dance for the flexibility and strength. (he thinks really good climbers look like they are doing ballet on the wall - its art).

most of the guys at the gym were a little hippie-esc, you know...pony tails and shirts off. but there were a few other girls there - including 2 ladies that had to be in their 60's (and way better than me). most of the girls were hard core and had pretty nice bods. its a good work out. it was also cool to watch warren climb and be in his element. although he didnt take his shirt off....

anyway - i was surprised with how fast i climbed up the first route. my arms got real tired real fast. and i wasnt very good at the lowering HIM down part. but repelling down was the scariest part. oh no - i take that back. wearing warren's smelly rock climbing shoes was the worst part. but overall....i really liked it. i now feel like i can really appreciate the sport. and in reference to the title of this post - i really think tyra should do this shoot. with her mini-models this season.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


you may recognize some models on this new fashionable shoe site....

Friday, September 11, 2009


saw it last night. with shauna an beckster. 2nd time seeing it ever. and i love it more than ever. i literally could have watched it again - right then. double feature. downloaded ALL the songs tonight (dont know why i didnt have them before). if it is coming near you - SEE IT. omg.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

spent labor day here yesterday.

love san clemente. i am seriously so spoiled living in california. i dont think i could ever live anywhere else ever again. is that bad? warren and i were able to play with some of our south county "married" friends :-) and it was bomb. i even got in the water. and surfed. this is me below (thanks jill for the great shot)....

ok. maybe thats not me. but i really did get into the water. all the way. i am talking head under!! do you know what a HUGE step this is?!! anna marie, watch out.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

name game.


how would you pronounce the name above? warren's mother shared it with us last weekend (i think it was one of warren's older brother's patients in west virginia). must say - one of the most creative names i have ever heard, but seriously? who names their kid that? this is legit.

click on the comments and i will tell you how it is pronounced.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

note to self.

do not wear panties with rhinestones while receiving an x-ray.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

da crib.

so...i moved. just 2 blocks from where i used to live. and i am in LOVE w/ this new house. the landlord decided to take our old house over as a second home and stop renting. so we searched for about 1.5 months to find this beauty. it was the best change ever made. i think moving may be like having a child - stay with me here. during the sucks. its painful. its exhausting. its sleepless nights. you rely on your significant other to do heavy lifting. and you swear up and down that you will NEVER do it again. but then once youve moved in and you are settled, you forget about all the hard work and just enjoy your new love in life. are you mothers out there annoyed of my analogy yet? haha. check out the rest of da crib!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

secret obsession. no longer secret.

this show on ABC has provided many hours of entertainment for me. for those of you who have never seen it - you should. wives of two separate (seemingly exact opposite, who would have thought) switch places and play mommy/wife in another family for two weeks. the first week they abide by the home families rules, and then the next week the family must follow the new wife's rules of the house. there is ALWAYS drama. there is ALWAYS a fight. there is ALWAYS crying. and best of all they learn from eachother all in the end. ahhhhhh :-) it is hilarious and i literally laugh outloud during the duration of the episode. please see some sample families who have graced the show:

these atheist ex-mormons were my favorite:

Monday, August 3, 2009

st.pierre hitched.

my gf's from hs are the bomb. we had a blast in pebble beach for kaytie's wedding (steph - we missed you)!! so lucky to have good friends from all eras of my life. :-)