Sunday, October 31, 2010

pismo halloween

we opted out of costumes this year and headed to pismo with a few friends for the weekend. the boys rented atv's and the girls headed up to hearst castle.

when we arrived at 12:30am friday night, my little honda civic tried to combat the rain while driving on the beach sand RIGHT next to the ocean. ya, you heard right. you can drive right on the sand next to the water in order to camp. it was POURING. and i was slightly terrified. warren and a friend tried to assemble the tent only to become soaking wet like he just showered. so we stayed in oceano motel for the night - quite a classy establishment (not).

of course i didnt ride on it, this was only for photo op.

check out how white trash we camp (see back left)

used my new sleeping bag, and it was heaven (the second night didnt rain - no need for oceano motel). warren took good care of me on this camp trip. i think bc he wanted me to have a good experience so i would go again.

hearst castle:
i wouldnt mind staying in the guest house. yes, this is the "guest house".

750 dollar fine for jumping in the pool.

the entire bottom of the pool is made of marble. must be nice...

the dining room

main house.

view from the top.

Monday, October 25, 2010

long winded....

i have been riding lisa's bike around hb for about...well 2 years now? well, since i started riding a bike again. and maybe it is stored in my garage, so it has been very convenient NOT to purchase my own bike (thanks lis). but we knew the day would have to come. and when john and shelly came to town this weekend, we thought it would be the perfect saturday morning activity - followed by a bike ride of course! please dont judge my hideousness in these pics.

and then warren and i danced on the beach. (thanks to john hawley for taking the pics. we made him and shelly pose on the beach to snap a few kissing/dipping shots, but somehow he didnt email those to me - weird.)

we also saw this on friday night:

yes, that is matthew morrison, but we didnt exactly see him. we saw south pacific, and mm used to play lieutenant cable back in the day on broadway. i am liking him more and more - well glee in general that is. ever since the brit episode.

we also ate a lot with the parents this weekend. some great suggestions if you live locally: habana (cuban food - the lab, costa mesa), luigis (italian - main st, hb), melting pot (fondue - off jamboree, irvine).

oh - and i made crepes. with my new crepe maker from williams sonoma that i am obsessed with. this recipe is the BEST. and the pan is heaven.

and my newest book (checked out from the hb library):

dont judge me.

Friday, October 15, 2010


are my eyes playing tricks on me? or is this is a mj cross-dressed peter pan? you decide. the purpose of this post is for two things: 1. we really need to purchase a camera. 2. we went to peter pan, the stage play at orange county performing arts last night (how cultured are we?). ok - so camera denoted as number 1? bc we dont have anything to document the things we do together, therefore the cross-dressed mj peter image is used for this blog post, instead of some cute posed picture of w and i in front of the theater acting out peter pan stances. any suggestions for a awesome point and shoot? oh - and the play was good. entertaining at least. but i wouldnt see it again.