Thursday, September 29, 2011

when / if....

warren gets home early, meaning before the sun goes down (which is a rare occurrence in our house these days) we like to get outside together. and this gem of a man showed up with a little surprise the other night....

check it - he stopped off at the local market by the VA in long beach and bought ALL this fruit for 11 dollars!! so we planned to make smoothies later.

did i ever mention that he ordered me flashing lights for my bike? ya, true story. it makes me feel a little bit more safe riding at night, and i look like a grandma with them, so that's cool too.

so i ride my bike and he runs along side me. if you live in hb, you've seen us. warren looking like a giselle, and me....panting on my bike trying to keep up.

just another sunset night in the place we call home :-)