Friday, September 26, 2008


so...i go back to bebe on monday and see that my "striperella" shoes are now on sale for 50% off!! me, being the former express sales associate, think that perhaps bebe has a price adjustment policy like express does (10 days with receipt). so....i ask the manager and she says they normally cannot do that, but if i brought my receipt in the next day (she was working from 8-5) that she would do it for me. i am out at a luncheon the next day with my cool boss....and tell him about it, so of course him being so cool tells me that we can stop by. so i walk in and find brandi (the manager from the previous day) and she begins the transaction. she stops and looks nervous. and i can tell she has something she wants to say, but fears i may just want to punch her in the face. she then informs me that the shoes are NOT infact 50%. it was only the bottom shelf. WHAT??!!! i had shown her the shoes the day before and she was cool with it!! i of course did not get mad or anything...just obviously let down. she thought for a moment and then told me that she would go ahead and honor the discount anyway bc i had come all the way back. yeaahhhh girl!! soooo rad. bebe at main place mall has a new number one fan - ME!!!