Saturday, September 6, 2008

aloha and mahalo.

i spent last weekend on oahu! it was a bombastic time, considering i got to see some of my favs including hails and company, steph and company and kate and her NEW fiance!! here are a few of the highlights:

me, hails and her little guy conner! he had gotten sooo big since last time i saw him.

my flotation device. i was obsessed with it.

my ONLY purchase from the island. i told the lady at the store that this is something that a nice bf would buy their gf, but since i dont have one i was buying it for myself. :( paid off, bc she gave me 20% off. i am in love with it and feel like an engaged girl staring at it when i walk around. its annoying for people around me, i am sure.

LOVE hails and kate! they were absolute gems for letting me crash! THANKS girls!!

cute wilde family!! i had soooo much fun with them. even when we shared a queen size bed and hailey buffered.

i seriously fell in LOVE with conner while i was there and was really sad to leave him. he is the most calm, happy and loving little boy.

another cute fam on the island! it was such a sweet treat to steph, thomas and ambrose!!

ambrose was a little shy around aunt erin, must be the island. he was DARLING!!

kate's view was beautiful!!

it was soooo great to spend time with one of my besties. it was exactly what i needed. thanks for being such a great friend to me hails! I LOVE YOU!!!! hawaii rules. will have to do that again soon.


Stephanie said...

we loved seeing you! glad you came :)

sarah marie. said...

k moneybags.

Miriam said...

Hate to break it to you, but you are spelling Connor's name wrong. It's or, not er. Better change it STAT before Hailey realizes you are a bad friend. JK, you are an amazing friend and I may or may not just be jealous I didn't get to hang out with you guys in paradise...

Adrienne said...

Fun!! I'm so jealous. Remember when we were both at BYUH but never met up? If only I could go back in time.

L said...

After seeing these, I can't get my mind off of a Hawaii vacation!!! I'm SOOO convinced I need to go there!! Lol! Gorgeous pictures... I love your ring too!

megan said...

Looks like you guys had fun! You girlies are looking so HOT. I'm glad someone posted some Hawaii pictures. My sis is slacking on the blogging.

Anonymous said...