Thursday, October 30, 2008

my attempt to be friends with the upper east siders.

my obsession with gossip girl thrives for many reasons. but one of the main reasons i cant stop watching season one is because of the fashion. and i am now obsessed with colored tights.

so obsessed in fact, that i bought 5 pair of colored tights while in nyc. when purchasing these items, lisa was supportive, but DID say..."you would buy bright orange and teal tights. but i dont doubt you wont find a way to wear them." so i did. here have been a couple attempts so far this week.

and yes, that is me carving a pumpking. that needs to be another post all in its own. anyway, i am sure this will be one of those fashion trends that i will just cringe at in years to come, but for right now....I LOVE IT.