Tuesday, February 26, 2008

this is kobe's shot. this one's his, that one's his....

i went to the Lakers vs. Clippers game this past weekend, and i am not gonna lie - i was fully entertained. i got to see kobe up close and personal (great seats) where i was then told he was a rapist. really? thanks for ruining my dreams, jeremy. i thought that girl just made it up. whatever. he was still cute. the dancers kept changing outfits - yes, of course i noticed the dancers. but i really wish it was the lakers that were hosting bc i wanted to see the laker girls perform. is it weird that i kind of want to try out to be one? and...i love that they get to wear scantly clad outfits. why do i like that so much? always have....and probably always will...sorry john hawley.
viva lakers!!