Tuesday, October 18, 2011

we dont normally do this...

and by "this", i mean go to LA. for all those out-of-towners who read my blog, orange county is NOT LA. so, when you come to visit and say, "i will be in LA, we should meet up!" - it's not that close. and traffic is always bad.

BUT, this past saturday we decided to brave the journey and head up to the getty for concert.

getty at sunset.

we wanted to take more pics, but our battery died. so thats pretty much it. but if you havent ever been, you should go! the views are beautiful and the architecture is a-mazing. it had been a year or two since we had been last.

the concert was daddy kev and the thunder cats. daddy kev was awesome. thunder cats were super weird (that is who is pictured, yes he has feathers coming out of his hat). but we kind of knew this going into it. the crowd was mostly 20-something hipsters and a few weird older people doing an old person version of grinding.

we walked along abbot kinney, a cute little downtown street in venice. we felt soooo un-hip with all these LA peeps. they all looked like they could be friends with johnny depp.

we finished the night by eating at gjelina (recommended by shauna - thank you!). it was sooo incredible, even though we had to wait an hour and were seated at 10:30pm. by the time we sat down, we were so hungry that warren said, "order whatever you want" - love those words. so we asked our most-likely-johnny-depp's-friend waiter his favs and pretty much ordered all of it. quail, pork belly, sweet bread, carrots w/ greek yogurt and cilantro, stone fire pizza and the flourless chocolate cake. yep, ate it all - no left overs.

maybe we should do this LA thing more often....