Sunday, October 9, 2011

date night.

this home-style restaurant with a twist was recommended by our friend lexi - the corn bread was a-mazing! there were jalapenos in it, enough said.

then we took a little stroll down memory lane. we took the balboa ferry over to the harborside for a boat rental.

the harborside grand ballroom is where we had our reception :-) we still love its quaint quality and that it is right on the water. you can witness the most beautiful sunsets from the ballroom, which is on the second floor with all glass windows.

the boat was a little ghetto - not gonna lie. but it was a groupon purchase, so what were we expecting, really?

i didnt like driving it too much. turning radius is no civic.

we only saw one seal the whole time (which is rare). i think i would be so mad if i owned one of these boats in the harbor and a fat seal was always sitting on the back of my boat. (no seal is pictured, just the sunset).

i brought some martinellis (the romantic in me), but forgot a bottle opener, so no luck getting warren liquored up for the night.

warren took some model pics of me.

we loved the silhouettes the sunset created.

it was a beautiful night!!

such a great date (ended with a movie). i love spending time with my boo. our time is limited these days and i cherish each moment we get to spend with each other.


Cordell said...

Sounds like an amazing date. Kind of makes me want to go on a date with Warren.

Miriam said...

How fun are you guys? Love it.

Becky said...

LOVE the outfit;)

Lexi Patterson said...

So glad you loved Bandera. Let's go when I get back.