Tuesday, October 18, 2011

meet the allens.

maybe at first glance, you wouldnt think warren and i would be good friends with nicole and jeremy. but, we are. we actually have a lot in common and love hanging out with them. nicole has been a good friend of mine since i moved to orange county in 2008. she is one of the kindest people you will ever meet, so of course i loved jeremy when i met him! they got married shortly after warren and i in 2010.

they sent us an invite to a "pumpkin party", and guess what?! warren was going to be getting off early, so we planned to go and i made my pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. although, i thought they still lived in irvine. and when in route punched in their address to see canyon lake showed up! what?! i totally forgot they had bought a house in the desert. we had a bit of a commute.

the community they live in is so different! it is completely gated, with several man-made lakes on the property that people wake-board, paddle board and ski on. there were also horse corrals, tracks, tennis courts and a school. it is almost like a community resort - i have never seen anything like it.

i actually bought stencils for our pumpkins. but warren is uber creative and decided to design his own. he was a little skeptical of how long i would last with this craft...

see the concentration?

these were the finished products!

of course nicole had a carving competition with a trophy and all. my kitty-bat did not win :-( neither did warren's.

nicole and i. (bad pic, but the only one that was even half-way decent)

and look whats hanging up in their house....

love them.

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