Thursday, October 6, 2011

this deserves its own post.

these are my favorite things to wear - ever. i am pretty much obsessed with lulu lemon and whenever i come home with a shopping bag from them, warren says, "that comes out of our bedroom set fund, right?" they are so worth it. they make everyone's booties look nice. so splurge! you will work-out even harder in them bc they make you just feel good :-)
disclaimer: not my bootie pictured


Lindsay Rondo said...

I feel like I have be meaning to get these for the last 4 years... Guess I better do it.

Lisa said...

And they're Canadian which makes them that much better!! ;)

Unknown said...

erin. i live in mine too. they are the comfiest & cutest...but they would be a little cuter if they dropped their prices a little ;)