Friday, October 15, 2010


are my eyes playing tricks on me? or is this is a mj cross-dressed peter pan? you decide. the purpose of this post is for two things: 1. we really need to purchase a camera. 2. we went to peter pan, the stage play at orange county performing arts last night (how cultured are we?). ok - so camera denoted as number 1? bc we dont have anything to document the things we do together, therefore the cross-dressed mj peter image is used for this blog post, instead of some cute posed picture of w and i in front of the theater acting out peter pan stances. any suggestions for a awesome point and shoot? oh - and the play was good. entertaining at least. but i wouldnt see it again.


Hawley Family said...

dad says, "lets go camera shopping this weekend".

Miriam said...

peetah the cheetah, rrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Thank you for this and go camera shopping with Dr. John.