Sunday, October 31, 2010

pismo halloween

we opted out of costumes this year and headed to pismo with a few friends for the weekend. the boys rented atv's and the girls headed up to hearst castle.

when we arrived at 12:30am friday night, my little honda civic tried to combat the rain while driving on the beach sand RIGHT next to the ocean. ya, you heard right. you can drive right on the sand next to the water in order to camp. it was POURING. and i was slightly terrified. warren and a friend tried to assemble the tent only to become soaking wet like he just showered. so we stayed in oceano motel for the night - quite a classy establishment (not).

of course i didnt ride on it, this was only for photo op.

check out how white trash we camp (see back left)

used my new sleeping bag, and it was heaven (the second night didnt rain - no need for oceano motel). warren took good care of me on this camp trip. i think bc he wanted me to have a good experience so i would go again.

hearst castle:
i wouldnt mind staying in the guest house. yes, this is the "guest house".

750 dollar fine for jumping in the pool.

the entire bottom of the pool is made of marble. must be nice...

the dining room

main house.

view from the top.


sarah marie. said...

you look darling. i'm seriously loving your hair. and what the h is hearst castle?

Erin said...

i added a link for those of you who dont know of the divine hearst castle...(sarah)

jocelyn said...

your new hair color is really pretty.

Miriam said...

LOVE the new hair color. Nice move. The pic of you and w (the one with him holding you) is DARLING. ilyb.

Katie said...

Looks like fun! sounds like brave camping.