Saturday, October 29, 2011

trunk or treat.

the yw auxillary was in charge of this year's trunk or treat. i told warren i thought we needed to fully commit (me being in yw's and all). so we did. kind of.

we were clowns. not full-blown clowns, but there was some effort involved. we painted our noses...and i taped puffy balls to our shoes.

hb7 goes big with this event. it is held at one of the bishopric member's warehouse (wet suit business, go figure hb, right?). there was a chili cook-off, carnival games, haunted house, cake walk, more food, pumpkin carving contest, prizes and more! it was a lot of work and set-up, but looked awesome when it all came together.

and here is our trunk. as committed as you can be without having children of our own yet. we felt that 2 door hangings taped to the top of our trunk were more than appropriate. and my candy bowl is empty. it was empty after 5 mins.

happy halloween


Stephanie said...

Cute! I want those shoes!

Lexi Patterson said...

I love the clown accessories. Totally committed. I miss HB7's trunk-or-treat. And I miss you. That's all.

Melly Mel said...

you two are so damn attractive.

love it.