Friday, June 17, 2011

side note.

meet my turbo kick boxing teacher, nolan robert. i take 2 of his classes every week.

he is the reason why i love it. he is ridiculous. in every sense of the word. what i also love is that he records and edits his own videos of himself / classes dancing.

like this one for example:

oh - it gets better. he also has his own cosmetic line. you can read his bio and story of how that came to be here. he was the winner of lifetime's reality make-up artist show "blush".

and it is totally worthwhile to check out his website here. please take note of the song on his site, where it lists of every type of make up to a sexy tune including "mascara, base and a comb".

i love him.

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sarah marie. said...

looks like so much fun!