Saturday, June 18, 2011

mykonos, greece

just outside the dock

paradise beach


view from other side of the island (dream home??!)

random church

our scooter - best idea of the day!

lunch at alefkandra

yummy bakery we found for baklava

back on the boat, leaving mykonos.

Friday, June 3rd: Mykonos, Greece

I loved Mykonos! When we first boarded the smaller boat to take us to shore, I was unimpressed by what seemed to be a desert beach town with the same colored white buildings. We made our way through the touristy dock and got some directions to a scooter rental shop. BEST idea of the day. We rented one scooter, and used some major teamwork to navigate our way through the windy and very hilly seaside town. And the most awesome part was that it only cost 15 euro for the whole day!

We first headed to a small beach called Paradise. It was interesting. I mean the water is crystal clear blue. To the point that when Warren was swimming laps, he tried putting down his feet to find that it was even 5 feet deeper, but was so clear the floor looked much closer. He said the water wasn’t too warm, but that it was refreshing. Paradise Beach was more of a party type beach, with chairs and umbrellas that you pay for covering the entire stretch of the small beach all the way to the water. I sat in a lounge chair and the guy collecting money couldn’t care less if we paid him. That was awesome.

We got back on our scooter to explore more by heading to another beach (where we encountered some topless women) and then scooted on over to the opposite side of the coast to see the view from the other side of the bay. All the buildings and houses on this side were larger, some with swimming pools, all with amazing views. Ninety percent of them seemed vacant. I began to fall in love with the white and blue house scenery.

I was set on eating a meal in “Little Venice”, so we headed back through the town and stopped at the scenic windmills for a photo op. Our friend Rebekah had recommended a restaurant right on the water called Alefkandra. We ordered tsatsiki, fried cheese balls, chicken souvlaki and a “mixed meat” type lasagna thing. It was AMAZING. I think I need to be visiting more Greek restaurants when we get home.

We returned the scooter and took a stroll through the little town with shops where we happened upon a cute bakery with a dog outside wearing a matching orange bow that coordinated with the shop. There we purchased some baklava bites (6 flavors to be exact) to try later. They ended up being SO sweet, that I could only muster to eat one and Warren had one bite. They are soaked in honey!

Overall, it was a great day. Of course I like any port with good weather and sun :-)


Kate said...

loving all these pictures. your kids are going to have some great legs!

lets do the beach someday soon.

jocelyn said...

i'm loving hearing about your adventures! what a great great trip. i may have to be in touch with you about what you would or would not do again, because i think we would really like to do a mediterranean cruise one day. ps- your dress in the previous turkey post is the cutest ever.

jill said...

kate took the words right out of my mouth.

i love that w is showing more leg than you in pic #4. ha.

L said...

These are BEAUTIFUL pictures you guys!! Nice work!

I'm so jealous of all the places to explore, and all of the food... I love hearing about all the food! Thanks for including that info. :)