Sunday, May 13, 2007

Yankees vs. Red Soxs?

So, my friend Mark calls me up to go to a Yankees game. It sounds like fun, so I accept, only to ask him like 7 more times that week if it was the Mets or the Yankees we were watching. The day of the game, his friend who had bought the tickets from some "Craigslist Scalper", LOST the 4 tickets. I dont even know how that would happen! Hearing this news 1 hour prior to the game may stunt some people, but not Mark. He was determined. We still went to the stadium, where I was told to sit on a bench while he did his "thing". Ten minutes later he returned with 2 tickets in-hand. I have to be honest here and tell you that I felt a tad bit out of place....ok really out of place. I would describe the atmosphere of the game to a frat party in San Diego - a whole bunch of young drunk guys, yelling, and totally unaware of anything else going on. I settled in after a good 20 minutes and actually ended up enjoying myself!! In fact, I guess it was a HUGE deal that I went to this game. Yankees vs. Red Sox is some big rivalary or something. Crazy.


sarah marie. said...

they were playing the red sox?! even i know what a big deal that is.

Yanks4Life23519 said...

yeah it's a HUGE deal haha...lucky that you went...I would have LOVED to have gone! :)

Go Yankees! :)