Sunday, May 6, 2007

Romeo, oh Romeo!

So, my good friend Carl made me the happiest woman alive last night by treating me to New York City Ballet's Romeo and Juliet! I just about peed my pants with excitement! Juliet was amazing and I wish that I was EVER that good. I do have to mention that Romeo was a tad bit melodramatic. I mean....the guy would throw up one arm in the air and prance of the stage in such a feminine fashion - it was scary. He could have just dashed off like a usual handsome prince, but decided he would be the "dramatic type". It won him a "bravo!" atleast from the old women to our left!


Stephanie said...

how fun! i love your life and i love seeing your clothes through this blog. it makes me want to be more stylish. i know, very deep. but true.

sarah marie. said...

happiest woman alive huh? maybe you should marry him. and cute bag!