Friday, July 19, 2013

One Month.

We have made it one month with Etta - round of applause?!  I think since I was expecting it to be (kinda) terrible, with no sleep, screaming baby, poop explosions and covered in spit-up, in reality it wasn't all that bad.  In fact, it has gone pretty smoothly.  Dont get me wrong - it is still hard, and all of those things I expected are definitely present....but for the most part I feel pretty in control.  

Etta is a really good baby.  She is growing sooo fast too!  Right now she loves to be propped up more than lying flat on her back.  I think because she likes to see what is going on - or likes the attention of uninterrupted eye contact with whoever is sitting next to her.  She sleeps with both arms above her head.  And can get out of whatever swaddle we put her in to do so.  I remember her fingertips tickling me in the womb, now I know why.  Her hands are ALWAYS by her head.  She makes funny faces.  Mostly grumpy old man faces, which are still pretty cute.  She has a taradactle-like scream, but Warren says she's singing.  She will only take a pacifier sometimes.  She sleeps on her own terms.  And when she wants to sleep, there is NO waking her up.  It starts with her rolling her eyes back, and then she is done for.  Ironically we do the same things to try to make her sleep as we do to wake her up.  Sometimes I swear she smiles at me, and it is not just a facial muscle reflex.  She is lackadaisical during "tummy time".  I dont think she quite gets the concept just yet, she mostly falls asleep.  She makes a "kchh" sound every time she yawns.  When she is hungry she starts to eat at her hands.  And when she actually eats, she eats almost double what the pediatrician recommends for her weight.  She is a total daddy's girl and will fall asleep for him in pretty much any position imaginable.  I hear him talk to her and say, "now be a good girl for mommy tonight and sleep."  She tries, because she loves her daddy.  But she must really love me too, because she cant seem to go a couple hours in the night without needing to see me :-)

Overall, this month has flown.  I have had a lot of help.  From Warren, my mom (and dad), my mother-in-law, Lisa, Cynda and Tori - cooking meals, cleaning and helping with the night shift.  I am grateful for people in my life that love Etta like we do.  My in-laws have said, "it takes more than just parents to raise a child".  And I agree.  Etta is going to be blessed with many people in her life that love her and want the best for her.  She will learn from so many that she interacts with.  She has great examples in her extended family to look up to.


Clay said...

Looking forward to seeing her. Thanks for the update.

The Dilsaver Family said...

Congratulations Erin!! I hope you don't mind my checking in on you from time to time. I happened on your blog a while ago and have loved seeing your cute little life unfold. I am really excited for your new little addition. She is so cute and I just love her name. I couldn't help but say Congratulations!!
Christine (Nielsen)