Thursday, May 19, 2011


warren and his good friend nephi ran the palos verdes marathon last weekend. as i was the BEST cheerleader on the curb i thought, "next time i should at least do the 5k or something", as i ate snacks and read my instyle. oh well. warren decided to do the race about a week beforehand and did not train. at all. in fact, he hasnt run over 6 miles at a time in about 2 years, but that doest stop a man with a dream. i dont know if he will do it again (kind of one of those things to cross off the bucket list), but if you know warren's running abilities, he really didnt disappoint (especially without training). he still placed third in his division!! maybe he couldnt walk at the end of it all and was a little delirious, but he finished that thing! i was sooo proud :-)

before the big race

maybe stole this off the photogs website from the event

a booty shot

after crossing that finish line!!



remi said...

please, I mean this is the best way possible.

warren looks tired, and very delirious, and just like a homeless unibomber in that last picture with you two.

I can't imagine what I would look like after a run like that!

The Laidlaws said...

Wow W! I'm impressed!!!

KTprice said...

W looks like forrest gump when he runs all those miles at the end of the movie. very fit and hairy. :)