Thursday, February 3, 2011

where we've been.....and where we are going.

well. the best i can do is tell you where we have been the last 2 months, so my title was a bit misleading. because i dont really know where we may be moving this summer (if at all). which is totally thrilling, and also frightening. its no secret that i love cali (hb in particular). it would be tough to leave our 600 square feet of tiled floor space (with cute rugs) to somewhere cold, most likely a rental with carpet (eww). BUT - i am looking forward to the adventure of starting something new somewhere together. our little family of 2. we will know mid-march where (if) warren matches for his anesthesia residency. (i say "if" bc it is possible to not match). dont freak out local kids - it is very possible he will match here.

his residency interviews over the past couple months, have turned into vacations for erin. and i must say, not a bad gig. i of course wanted to check out all the potential places for our future life together (well the next 4-5 years anyway). here are some pics from our time in the three cities we visited, and could potentially end up: new york, boston and nashville.

new york. LOVE. who doesnt l-o-v-e the nyc? shopping, food, theater....its every girls' dream! i miss it. there is an energy about it that just draws you in. it is by FAR the coolest city i have ever set foot in. to live there again? idk. down side of course is the winters. and that i am now in a much different stage of life. singledom in the city was pretty awesome (aka expensive, fancy dates). but on a resident salary with triplets may be a different experience. upside is that my sis lives in ct - a 30 minute train ride from the city. which would be heaven. we could play (shop) all the time together. she is one of the few people i can shop with. what? thats important.

boston. a totally young city. i swear everyone was a student. and SUPER talented. much more manageable of a place to raise a family in a "city". but i must say, a bit underwhelming coming from nyc to boston. no one can touch my queen bee. is there a tv series entitled "sex and the boston?" thats what i thought. a totally different (younger, educated, extremely talented) vibe in this town. also very cold. three hour drive my sis. cheap flights back to cali - thats a perk. yummy brunch spots. better than most shopping.

nashville. i was SHOCKED with how nice people are there. totally shocked. like, i dont think i am even nice enough to live there. and i want a southern accent. i am totally gonna pick it up if we move there. it couldnt be more darling. i love the music influence. everyone has their hand in music somehow (including the sales girl that helped me at sephora, who invited us to her show the following week). very conducive town to raise a family. note i said "town". its not really a city. one mall. i was actually very surprised at how "small town" it felt. and there are no direct flights from nashville to new york. (weird). i know - thats what i said. perk - my brother lives only a couple hours away in kentucky with his family, and we would also be much closer to warren's bro and fam in west virginia. it is supposed to be really pretty in the spring, summer and fall. wish i could have seen it during that time. it was cold.

after re-reading all of this, it was more of a brain dump. oh - and it seems that i like to shop? if you made it all the way through - good for you :-)


Unknown said...

Wherever you end up, it WILL be an adventure. All options look really fun!

Hailey, Brandon & Connor said...

I just enlarged the pic of you in the hat on the bridge which i love... it needs to be framed. and connor said, "look, it's erin. my best friend. she's my best friend."
Does that earn Idaho a spot on your fancy itinerary?

Ben and Cynda said...

I love that I am one of the perks in two of the cities. I am still hoping for Boston. But I can't wait to find out where you are really going to be.

L said...

Triplets? Really? Are you sure about that?? That would make any one of those cities OUT OF THE QUESTION for me. lol.

Excited for you guys!! All are such awesome & fun opportunities!

InCircle Interiors said...

those are all SUCH amazing options, i think any one of those would just rock. my cousin had four little ones while living in nyc and loved it. tight squeeze and lots of walking but also LOTS to do, parks, museums, etc. that would be fun. i loved living in cambridge (boston) but have no idea how that would be with kids. and nashville, dude, i've never been but it seems like such a dreamy place.


Emily said...

Can I vote? I say Boston. You've been there and done that with NYC. We lived in Birmingham which is pretty close to TN... you will die when you see the bugs. Maily cockroaches. It doesn't matter how clean you are and how often you spray... they are always there and they are HUGE. It was gross but maily just annoying at first. By the time we left I couldn't handle it anymore. The south is beautiful though and you're right, the MOST friendly people you will ever meet! Good luck with the decision!

LiSa said...

I made it through the whole thing. Good for me. Don't go. Thanks. Bye.