Friday, February 12, 2010

want to waste 1.45 hours?

watch this. on lifetime. in my defense, warren is working nights this week. and i needed to do laundry. and eat a pazookie. and watch pregnancy pact....what?


sarah marie. said...

rolling! slash who has that much time to waste? enjoy it while it lasts..

Stephanie said...

awesome! mostly because:

a) im dying for a married life update and i get this.

b) i totally saw a preview for this when checking in on PR and thought, "hmmm... maybe."

c) i love you!

Ben and Cynda said...

I am not going to lie. I heard an advertisement for that movie on the radio and I have secretly wanted to watch it ever since.

Stacie Hawley said...

I so watched it already - ha ha.

Anonymous said...