Tuesday, July 7, 2009

another hike.

look what i can do! hike all the way to jump rock in corona del mar!! what did this journey entail you ask? well 1st off i was a tad mislead. warren and lisa did NOT tell me this was to follow - climbing a set of stairs, entering private property through small section of fence, climbing under fence (getting dirty) back to not private property opening to beach front, across jagged rocks, wading knee-deep water, scaling rock walls, jumping waterfalls.....you get the picture. anyway - the end result was this rock to our back left:

which i of course did NOT jump from, but tried to lay out on the jagged rocks and get the last of prime tanning hours sun. i opened my eyes to warren doing this:

and then eventually him doing this:

sorry - i couldnt turn the video for some reason. but anyway - all in all i am really happy i went. it was all worth it. so glad there are good friends and fun peeps to do things with in hb. i heart cali.