Friday, April 4, 2008

what it is - sar's bday.

happy bday to my love, sarah marie. i miss her every day and long for her waffle crisp. ok - that was a lie - i hate her waffle crisp more than life itself, but sar is one of the MOST loyal people i have ever met and one of my bestest of friends. heck, she even introduced me to the blogging world - i owe her many thanks!!! so happy bday sarah!!!! i LOVE YOU!!


sarah marie. said...

thanks er..i love and miss you everyday too

Ben and Cynda said...

given...i have never met sarah but i feel like i know her for some reason....anyway...happy birthday!!!

Stephanie said...

oh, the friend i thought i saw in hawaii a couple of weeks ago. happy birthday to her!

Eric, Sammy, & Kami said...


so I'm sure everyone in the world has tried to set you up, but I got another one for you. My friend (we'll call him steve) is pretty much the coolest cat in town. Since I think so highly of you, I know you'll have fun together. Steve is super good looking, educated and smart, and totally buff. anyway, He'll be down in SoCal this weekend and may call you.

jealous of you at the beach,


Anonymous said...