Monday, January 21, 2008

pop n lockin

yes, that is ivan from so you think you can dance season 2. love him. he was darling. i told him i voted for him every week (lie) and that i thought he was cute (truth) then pressed my body against his in a full-frontal contact hug. it was awesome.

here are the "teachers" as we reunited for the Nuvo convention this past weekend. for those of you who are not up on this dance stuff, my old competing group, Troupe Civic, went to LA this weekend to take master classes from professional dancers (including ivan and travis wall from so you think you can dance season 2), then compete with dances that were choreographed by the everyone in this pic above (excluding me and tori). they did awesome - and i felt like a proud mama! no - sarah, i did not take class, but i had a real good time with my new friends travis and ivan. i heart dance and spider pants.