Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Gwen Stefani is H-O-T!

Ok, I am seriously in LOVE and have been obsessed with Gwen Stefani since her album that we played to no end during winter/summer 2005. Her concert was amazing! The best part about it was my friend Simon may have been singing louder and dancing more than I was. I LOVED IT!! I do have to admit that during What You Waiting For, images of Josh Parker doing the "bunny dance" came into my head - and I especially liked that! haha.


sarah marie. said...

i still can't believe that you didn't invite shannon and i.

Stephanie said...

oh i am really jealous of you and your pal! she is coming to oahu in august, but you know, the whole "i have a dependant infant" thing may make it impossible to go...

so so so fun! i love living vicariously through you.

now for the bad news: did you say you will be here june 9th? is that your arrival date- and when do you leave? we need to talk becasue betty just informed me that we will be leaving for utah on june 9th... yeah, call me or email or something.