Saturday, April 28, 2007

Welcome Friends!

So, I started a family blog for you know, my family, and after publishing it decided that maybe it would just be easier for all of us to have our own! Not only that, but I have been watching Sarah and Shan blog for the last 3 months now and I have finally caved in! Anyone who knows me knows that I am a Facebook fanatic all the way, so I am somewhat skeptical of starting something new like this - for fear of becoming addicted. Nonetheless, I will blog. And I will most likely never stop., because this is REAL!!
This first picture I have posted is of Shan, Sarah and I on Easter Day in our new Easter dresses. I was so happy to find a Betsey Johnson dress in my size at a store right on 73rd (by our apt.) on sale (although, I will not mention the price because I know John Hawley may be looking at this post sometime).
Well, everyone....please be my friend and link to my blog. This is gonna be great! I can feel it. Sorry so short, but I will keep you anticipating with excitement for the next post! I LOVE YOU ALL!!


sarah marie. said...

yeah! i'm so excited erin..bloggy blog blog! and just so you's not actually hard to find your size because no one else is that small.

Lorilee said...

Hi Erin... remember me? Lori--Sarah's friend.
So happy you are officially a blogger. Welcome! Don't worry, I will be checking your blog daily. :)

Shannon "Fuller" Davis said...

WAHOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I am so proud! sarah will get you with this blog thing. can't wait for the updates